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> The most important stimulus for release of hypothalamic
> oxytocin is initiated by physical stimulation of the nipples or
> teats. The act of nursing or suckling is relayed within a few milliseconds to
> the brain via a spinal reflex arc.

there was an old grandma recommanded mean in north of europe to increase lactation
that was the primiparous have to drink beer and specialy brown ale and dark beer and
spinal reflex arc was for the guies who looked to the breastfeeding young mother to
ask for a can but as nearest grandma said all the cans were for the mother only, the
guys could negociate just one for all to get their urgent fix, so around the bottle
went from month to month during the eyes were glued. i can't understand how it's
possible rubens didn't arc-hypotalamicize that stage otherwise he had always taken
month and hands. thus just for speaking about the civic voyeurism that fall into
disuse, cause of course grandma knew how much exibitionism stimulus were also
important for the health of the babies, then i would introduce how much voyeurism is
an often male computer aided civic gift on internet and even an economic one as
barbrook has so well said but... bollocks ! i have no more time also...er..then..
filther and swiner, but later.

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