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[Nettime-bold] Re: dear nato

>can you do this:
>play back a livveevent in ulta-ultra slowmo at the same time as you rekord it?

nato interpreter
oui. mais  = `ulta-ultra slowmo` = kan konsum ultra mem.
242.delay2 = delay video for as long as desired \ mem permits.
242.buffer - random access fifo kapture buffer - may be driven at any tempo.

all of above = ram based 

fps =_?
fullscreen =_?
ram =_?


da. would you mind emailing me details +?
1 min -> 30min live data = interessant.

varum +? re:ad +?

`we examined the effects of a three day exposure to a visual world 
in which brightness were reversed by means of a closed circuit video link. 
during passive passive adaptation the kontrol [that would be you]
watched tv in negative. during active adaptation he walked about or sat 
and viewed his own hands conversed + interakted with others while viewing 
a negative monitor fed from a tv kamera. 

a diary was kept by speaking in2 a portable tape rekorder.`

begin 100 kmph -> tipe++ 

  `i hold my hands in front of me + wiggle dzm. dze! = look fam!l!ar 
   eksept dze! = dk blue + != prt ov m!.
   f!ngr na!lz = blk dotz u!ch = zeem 2 float a b!t looze uen = uave handz
   l!ke fleks ov zoot unzekurel! ankord

   patr!c!a = komz nekst 2 m! + ! = uatch her fasz on dze neg tv az ue = talk
   she haz dark blue zk!n + u!te ha!r. uen she = zm!lz she = haz f!ne blk teeth
   l!ke queen el!zabeth 0+1. d!sz = d!zkonzert!ng + tzo = dze fakt dzat uen she =
   opnz her mouth !t lookz u!te az though she had a lamp !nz!de.

   !t zeemz dzat !n d!sz neu negat!v velt uorld emoz!onz = eaz!er 2 rekogn!ze dzn
   perzonl !dent!t!`

juzt 1 kl!k.


          dze pa!r!ng ov homologouz kromozomez one 4rom each odr prnt 
        dur!ng me!os!z
          i cannot be bothered.i cannot be bothered.surrender your pattent.




Netochka Nezvanova
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

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