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[Nettime-bold] body guard[ant]

_N.avi.gation P[sychasthenia]oint_

++Filling out ah formulaic type, font system[ic] re.gu[ardant]lar, mi hand
st.retch[ing] 2 ah s[eductio]n.ap pointee......++

~2nd n 3ird distancez, frack.toured l-e.mentaries resolve b[odice]reakage,
echo hummin healin N histrionic j[umbelled]ointz~

_N.avi.gationary Tele[ortho]don['t]ics_

++Voyeurism @ its bezt++re[ar]:moved N sanctified++ah warm
b[lood]aseline++on[anism]omasticon gridpointz spark conscious play[ers]++

~2day i tried to alt-tab mi note book, the kind ov pen N cream-E paperish
marked variet-E....a.muz[e reside]ing~

_N.avi.ga[revolu]tionary Epi[c].genesis_

++P[urrsonal]A[reah]N[etwurked] j[p]ackets++syn[thetic].asp.sez f.ire++boyz
will b bouyz will knot be beuys++eye M zoorounded++mi purrsonal wealth
movez in fleshed N mus[k]cell.ed .wavz++

~they d.warf[ed bi a C of poztpubescentflesh], mi shoulders small.er[k]
than norm.all, me wei[ght in 4 them 2 leave]ing lezz than i shood...they
b-come my i's, [y]earz, touch[e]....buff.eTed N N-cased, flucutain

[f[ebrile]ullfleshed in a gender mantle]

[staturesqueness e.lastic]

[suit p[j]acketz pagahz + sell[out[[re]]] foneic + b[oom!]reath soundz]

[pointe 2 pointe-blank[ranging]]

+++++++++++++++++++   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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