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[Nettime-bold] ELO Chat August 30--Epubbing

 Please join us for an Electronic Literature Chat Wednesday August 30, 9
p.m. Eastern time, 8 Central, 7 Mountain, 6 Pacific, Noon Thursday
Sydney time, and 2 am GMT

Everything you've wanted to know about epubbing but were too slow to ask
with Karen Wiesner. E pubbing has been growing at a rapid rate, with
web shattering changes every second. What has been happening with epubbing and
where it is going.

Karen Wiesner is the bestselling author of ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING
The Definitive Guide {The Most Complete Reference for Non-Subsidy
E-Publishing}, the 2nd Edition of which was recently released by Avid
Press LLC. Publishers Weekly calls the Guide a "...must-own resource"
and it has been nominated for an EPPIE

Karen is also the author of three, popular on-going series'
published by Hard Shell Word Factory. Her novel FALLING STAR
has been nominated for a coveted Romantic
Times' 1999 E-Book of the Year and is also a finalist in the EPPIE.
In addition, she has a romance anthology published with DiskUs
 Publishing, a Frankfurt Award nominee. Her Inkspot
column, ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING Q&A, recently won the 1999 Epub Ambassador

Her newest work, THE PRODUCTIVE WRITER {or how to avoid carpal tunnel with all those
revisions}  is forthcoming from Avis Press and  her upcoming releases include two more romance
novels, a
paranormal romance and a children's story. Visit her web pages at



To take part in the ELO chats, just go to the Lingua MOO and sign in as a guest. If you'd like to
learn more about  MOOing, please e-mail Deena Larsen at for a short tutorial.   To
enter LinguaMOO, click onthe URL:

 Your browser must be either Netscape Communicator  version 4.08 or newer, or Microsoft Internet
Explorer version 4.0 or newer. Java, Javascript, and Cookies must be enabled for the system to
work.  Otherwise, please , telnet to 8888
Once in LinguaMOO, type in @go eliterature to get to the electronic literature chat room.

 Once there, you can type a quotation mark " and your text to start talking.

 You can also type @who to find out who else is there.

 We hope you'll join us for this exciting chat.
Electronic Literature Organization
Come on over to explore the amazing possibilities
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