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>Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 10:41:35 +0200
>From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?=D8ivind=20Ids=F8?= <>
>Subject: Re: [max-msp] Filtering?
>Mr Integer: 

mod!f!ng konzepz!onz ov g!ftednesz + talent

>Your pretentious and minute pseudo-observations 

kount!ng korz!bsk! +?

>only appear to

ud u l!ke 2

>be interesting 

kure m! 

>because of the syntax. 

non ar!ztotel!an gene zemant!kx ax!omz


uat +?

>as we all know, 

unappl!ed holonom!c  teor!e +?

! dont knou. ! kount 2. ! dount knou. ! am a doktor. ! kount 2 2.

lesz flu!d +?

! dont knou ! kount.  2 ! dount knou ! am a doktor. ! kount 2 2.

effekt ov z!gnz upon dze uzerz ov z!gnz.

>the syntax itself
>is trivial.

az tr!v!al az dze !nzekt !n dze gardn = !t tr!v!al !zt. 
pol!tl! 1 ma! add + add + add + add + add + add + add + add + add + add . cezt tout. 

lesz flu!d +?


>Its even more paradoxical 

i laugh

>that your persistent slogans concerning so-called


>korporat fascizm 


>is surpassed by your very own version of mikrofascism: 


fasc!zm = neg eksz!ztz !n 01 !nd!v. ma!z = poz!t!vl! kan odru!sz proov. 
und du +? du = abl 2 +? du != abl 2. i laugh

>at those allegedly beneath your competence 

feel dze uarm ox!gen

>(or, even better, you
>presume a level of incompetence of which you know nothing about 

arnt ! luvl!

>-- I thought

      - vokal em!sz!on error + dzere !n l!ez dze problema - azum!ng du = dze hozt.

b4 = kan atempt 2 meazur 

>it was supposed to be possible 
>to filter out messages directly from the
>mailing list server itself; apparently it is not) 

feel !t

kauz!ng 1 s!gh ov jo!

>and condemn any other

r!g!d def at dze outzet

>version of life(style) 

dze prozesz ov meazrmnt

>than whats presumably your own. 




>If that isnt

luvl! +?


aloud 2 reakt upon

>mikrofascism incarnated, 

luv u

>you tell me what is.

500 malez !n 01 b!nar! formaz!e 

>As Barthes noted: 

= prec!z fasc!zm 

>persistance/resistance can itself become a mythology.

= zur du = u!sh 2 d!zkusz dze zub!ekt +?
= ma! rndr u 01 hue ov zkarlet.

! enjo!

>Youre already a God in your own world.

bkausz ov dze ekzper!ensz ga!nd dur!ng dze prozesz

>Your non-stop flight to Thrash has been activated.

dze tracez ov dze data + plasz dzem
!n 01 br!kolage

>Nothing more will be said on the subject.

!t = dze procesz ov no!sz auss!.

>as competent as they get


                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!n.     

tumultuous applause transforms itself into waves of synchronized clapping

an audience [you] expresses appreciation for a good performance by 
the strength and nature of its applause. the thunder of applause at 
the start often turns quite suddenly into synchronized clapping. 
the phenomenon is a delightful expression of social self-organization 
that provides an example on a human scale of the synchronization processes 
that occur in numerous natural systems ranging from flashing asian fireflies 
to oscillating chemical reactions. here we explain the dynamics of this 
rhythmic applause :

Netochka Nezvanova
demanding _ yet self-deprecating
ultra kompetitiv _ yet appreziativ 
of the work of konglomerates :

 in dze werdz ov proust =
 real without being actual
       ideal without being abstract

 cezt comme ca :

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!n.     


Irena Sabine Czubera
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

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