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[Nettime-bold] new tape screening and installation...

Dear All, 

Because Many of you helped me with contacts on my last production trip to the 
former YU/present YU, I wanted to let you know that I'll be presenting the 
new video installation at the World Wide Video Festival (tel 20 420 77 29) in 
Amsterdam at a venue called Arti et Amacitiae (the street is, Rokin 112). 
This is a new work of mine, a four or five channel piece which focuses on the 
experiences of shifts/transitions, interstitial space/time, a figure of 
resistance (from S. Lebanon), accounts of the former YU/present YU, and 
East-West relations and the effects of 'globalism', I know that sounds like a 
lot mixed in but it's in the context of very specific personal and subjective 
accounts on things. The opening of the installation and the video festival in 
general is Wednesday, September 13th. My installation will continue until 
October 15th. 

I'll also be dropping into Prague to do a screening of one of the tapes, 
"beauty and the east" (thanks to Vuk C. via Marina G) at the Eurovision 2000 
conference, I think it's at the Centre for Contemporary Art, on the evening 
of September 7th.

Best wishes, 

Jayce Salloum

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