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[Nettime-bold] Noted Internet Diarist Jasmina Tesanovic Tours Bomb-Flinging NATOOppressor

Film at 11...

"You are invited to a screening of 'Jasmina's War', a film directed by
Dinko Tucakovic and produced by German television.  The book is a film
version of Jasmina Tesanovic's diary of normality in Belgrade.  The
screening is hosted by the International Rescue Committee and will take
place on December 6 at 6pm.  The address is 122 E 42d St, 12th Floor,
New York City.

">>This is very important: for building security requirements, you must
rsvp and bring a photo id.<<  RSVP TO SDAMOFF@YAHOO.COM.  PLEASE DO NOT

"You are also invited to a reading at KGB on December 7 at 7 pm.
Jasmina Tesanovic will be reading from her new book, 'Diary of a
Political Idiot: Normal Life in Belgrade'.  The book is a personal,
literary account of daily life in Belgrade from March 1998 until the
cessation of the nato bombing.
85 E 4th St, btw 2d av and Bowery.

"Please forward to your contacts, thank you."

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