Denis Romanovski on Sat, 19 May 2001 00:13:47 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] The Wake in Minsk

please apologies if cross-posting

The Wake ( )multimedia project will be presented in Minsk in
pallmall club on 19.05.01 at 17:00
welcome if you are travelling around
The show will be as a 2 screen 4 hour version with life performance of Dror
Failer and DJ Symphony with Minsk media-artists, musicians and DJ's:
DJ  I.F.U. (Liveground SS), Minsk
Andrej Savitski (h.h.t.p.), Minsk
DJ  Spy (Liveground SS), Minsk
-ED, Minsk

The Wake came with composer Dror Failer (Sweden, Stockholm) and artist/poet
Dmitri Plax (from Belarus, lives in Stockholm) who are visiting Minsk with
series of shows like "What is the price of calmness?"  Dror Failer's
concerts (21-22.05.01) and "Cy Twombly's diary" Plax-Failer sound-textual
dialog at the gallery of European Humanitarian University(18.05.01) and The
Wake show .
The visit supported by Swedish Institute. Some technical support of The Wake
show in Minsk by IBA joint enterprise
 the support in organising - the Association for contemporary art
Denis Romanovski, Andrej Savitski

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