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[Nettime-bold] Re: DNA 'bomb'

>Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 14:05:40 -0400 (EDT)
>From: Faith Wilding <>
>Subject: DNA bombs
>>> And of course all agricultural crops and animals
>> > >are 'GM' by virtue of selective breeding anyway.
>this is not correct really. Bioengineered genetic modification is quite
>different than selective breeding. For one thing it is much quicker. For
>another, you can recombine DNA from different species in a way you can't
>with hybridization and selective breeding. 
>Yesterday I had lunch at a new biotech venture firm which prides itself
>on not being venture capitalist but rather a venture catalyst--"where
>life and computing converge." They are making it possible for professors
>from universities which retain the rights to their faculties' research
>results to team up with entrepreneurs, doctors, and independent
>laboratories, in order to bring their inventions to market. Their main
>thrust is of course the altruistic one of "human healing." 

Their main thrust is of course the advancement of their careers 
subsidized by public funds stolen from the `rogue nations`
supposedly terrorizing the thieves.

>We have seen

who are "We" +?

>with "experts" or the "authorities."

>Let's keep the pressure up on
>theorizing and building critical practices around the biogenetic
>disturbance. Then trampling down some GM corn will soon seem like small
>(Monsanto) potatoes.

nettime and your body operate on the same principles as Monsanto.

>Faith Wilding 

your parents assigned name. - korporat fascist amalgam subsidized by public funds 
          stolen from the `rogue nations` supposedly terrorizing the thieves +?

>Let's keep the pressure up on

let's keep the pressure on your personal neurons - perhaps actually advance this specie.

prev on nettime - [isnt memocide lovely]

>So my next question specific to this topic, is to ask; if all GM is not

gm isnt bad. gm is inefficient.
research indicates organic farming is most efficient.

would you like to purchase gm air +?

        nature is gratis.
        art isnt.

art = gm = kapitalism \ korporat fascism

i.e. artist = korporat fascist.


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