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[Nettime-bold] Viro.Logic Condition 1.1

_Viro.Logic Condition][ing][ 1.1_


::Art.hro][botic][scopic N.][in][ten][dos][tions::
1.[b.ranch outwards||seething
jam-jar curs][ed][ored
drenching s][creening][ounds]

::Neol][o.jism][ithic Rever][b][s.al][l][s::
2.[drink sever][al][ed
c u in he][l][avan
a c][yclops][hair b:cumming sane]

3.[alert & c.rash.ing
code syrup & brooding symbols]


.The Viro.logic Condition s][ir][ear.c][am][hes the named
N.pu.t][rojan.logic][ strains [or physical N.put if no strands r nominated]
4 possible contaminants. .By de:fault][lines][ the Condition
s.pr][int][eads thru matching bi][r][o][bo][.logic links.

       .There r 3 major cycles of Viro.logic
       con.troll.ed by the following reactions.
-M, --baseline-re:ge][xp][nerative.
.Internet p][atterned][roduced as a wr][h][y.zomic x.pression.
.This is this e.ternal range.

-E, --x.tended-rege][xp][nerative.
.Interphysical person as an x.tendable geophysical x.pression.
-Z, --fixed-stra][i][nds
.Inter.twin.ing of previous patterns as links of fixed strands, stitched
via newbies.

         the  [-viro] [-logic] [-e condition | 
       -f STRAND] [-d ACTION]  [--searches=ACTION]  [--x.tended-
       reg][exp.eriential][]  [--fixed-strands] 

[...the named input + technologic strains + physical input if no strands
are nominated + possible contaminants = by default the condition spreads
through machining biologic/robologic links...]


.           .    ....         .....
 pro.ject.ile x.blooms.x .go.here. 
.... .               .???  .......

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