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>I'm trying the other email address in the hope of a reply.
>Please provide us with more information and costings on this as soon as you

you know what it is +?
i dont feel well.

sick of the monstrosity.
i speak of the circus

complying with deadlines
grant applications
some unknown's wishes just performing his or her job
for he or she is as weak as i

so we congregate 
the circus banner caressing our bandaged heads
we emit artificial substances
we depart elated at yet another success

the system makes everything possible

except our selves.

thus 0+0 reply.

what is the nn book +?
2m of pain in an impeccable uniform.

because cowards taught me how to murder my self.

we smile.
we are portable.

this makes us easier to work with.

but ____... the counting house binds my joy.

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