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[Nettime-bold] silver mountain is back

Hello ,

The Swedish pioneers Silver Mountain were mainstays of
Nordic metal in the Eighties. The musical brilliance of guitarist
Jonas Hansson, keyboardist Jens Johansson, drummer Anders Johansson
and bassist Per Stadin became legendary and paved the way for an
avalanche of bands in the neoclassical and power metal movement.
Breakin' Chains is the ultimate tribute CD! Not to the band
(the musician's reputation and current successes take care of that)
but to the many fans around the globe hungry for nostalgia,
days when heavy metal wasn't labeled and categorized.
These are brand new recordings of some new and old
favorites and some old rarities! Originally written for the band's
earliest demos, this album is full of hook-filled songs, recorded
in Sweden, New York and Los Angeles with the classic,
legendary lineup. It's an album that bristles with high energy
and excitement! Songs that hammer intense melodies and earthshaking
riffs into your head; all the songs leave you breathless, exhausted
but happy, just like they did the first time. In addition,
Breakin' Chains is an Enhanced CD, and features the videos
Prophet Of Doom (Silver Mountain) and Classica (Jonas Hansson).


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