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[nettime-fr] Fw : Video du San Francisco Video Activists' Network a Paris ce 22aout

From: "project101" <>

   Project 101, 44, rue de LaRochefoucauld 75009 Paris
     M° St Georges/Pigalle 
     01 49 95 95 85 / 06 09 48 68 57

 Vendredi 22 aout / Friday 22 August:  Basement Lounge: Versus @ Project IOI
 21h- 2h, 8/10 Euros avec boissons: 
 PART 1: 

 21H: Projection de We Interrupt this Empire..... (IN ENGLISH NO SUB TITLES)

 The San Francisco Video Activists' Network presents the story you won't see on
Fox News: an eye-popping, jaw-dropping look at the Bay Area's radical resistance
to an illegal war. Guest speakers and the filmmakers will attend the screenings
for a question and answer session after the show. "We Interrupt This Empire..."
is a collaborative work by many of the Bay Area's independent video activists
which documents the direct actions that shut down the financial district of San
Francisco in the weeks following the United States' invasion of Iraq. With the
audio backdrop including the live broadcasts of Enemy Combatant Radio from the SF
Independent Media Center to SFPD's tactical communications that were picked up by
police scanners, the documentary takes a look at the diverse show of resistance
from the streets of San Francisco as well as providing a critique of the
corporate media coverage of the war and exploring such issues as the Military
Industrial Complex, attack on civil liberties, and the United States' current
imperialist drive.

 PART 2:

 22H: Cristalo pour un set "French Trip Hop" qui passera en revue les labels des
DJ Cam, Yellow et autres "La Funk Mob"... 

 les débuts de la French Touch !!!
 Nem répondra avec ses plus belles fleurs "made in UK". Du Mo'Wax, du Wall Of
Sound, du Ninja Tune...

 et autres "inconnus" de l'époque qui sont devenus des références !
 VJ Ouananiche

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