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[nettime-fr] Appel aux oeuvres - "The First International Day of the Dead Exhibit – 2007"

Un groupement de galleries et de centres artistiques à San Francisco cherchent des oeuvres pour une exposition internationale, "The First International Day of the Dead Exhibit – 2007" -

Ci-dessus le texte de l'appel (en anglais)...

Digital Offerings for the Altar of Life
The First International Day of the Dead Exhibit – 2007

Produced/Curated by Rene & Rio Yanez
Presented by SomArts Cultural Center

Participating venues: SomArts Cultural Center, Mission Cultural Center, de Young Museum and the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery.
All venues are located in San Francisco, California.

Artist Call for Installation Work

Dear local artists,

We are producing the very first international Day of the Dead art exhibit. The theme for the exhibit is Digital Offerings for the Altar of Life. We are taking a different approach to the shape of the show and are including a limited number of installations in the exhibit to explore alternative methods of displaying artwork. We will be having a meeting of all artists interested in participating on Friday, September 14th at 6:30pm at SomArts (934 Brannan street between 8th and 9th Streets in San Francisco).

We also need help in doing outreach and spreading the word about our international artist call. Please copy and paste the below information into an e-mail and send to your international friends and contacts. We want to make this new experiment a success and welcome your ideas in helping to get the international community involved in the exhibit.

Rene and Rio Yanez

International/National/Local Artist Call

We ask artists from the United States and around the world to send us images that we can print, project, and incorporate into digital presentations for exhibition.

Our History
Rene Yanez has been curating Day of the Dead exhibits in San Francisco for more than 30 years. Yanez has integrated diverse cultural traditions into his Day of the Dead exhibits, transforming them into a cultural phenomenon. Yanez’ Day of the Dead exhibits have been displayed at Galeria de la Raza, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and, for the past 10 years, at SomArts Cultural Center.

Where we are heading
For the 2007 Day of the Dead Exhibit, called Digital Offerings for the Altar of Life, a bold new experiment is being undertaken. Digital art and the web will be integrated into the exhibit. The best digital images will be printed and displayed alongside the Day of the Dead altars and installations in the gallery. The images not selected for printing will be used in a digital slide show to be projected on a large screen in the SomArts gallery, outdoor projections at the Mission Cultural Center, and digital displays at the de Young Museum.

Photos or images of altars. What does an altar mean in your part of the world and in your culture?
Photos or artwork of someone who has died and who the artist wants to honor.
Photos or images illustrating how a culture mourns or celebrates when someone close to them passes away. How do you honor the dead in your culture, in your city, in your family?
Detailed proposals with accurate measurements for art installations to honor someone. For some of the exceptional proposals, we will try to raise the money to build/create the installations.

Deadline for submissions:	September 25, 2007

Exhibit:				October 12 – November 3 at SomArts Cultural Center

					November 2 – December at Mission Cultural Center

					November 2 – December at de Young Museum

This is a curated exhibit using images submitted by the public. Not every image submitted will be exhibited, featured, or otherwise displayed. We reserve the right to select images for the exhibit based upon our discretion as curators.

For submission requirements and to submit artwork visit:

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