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RE: <nettime> Re: [Nettime-bold] Virilio and ecology: transoport, transmit, translate

Cher(e) porculus

ah, comme les vers de Mallarme sur le tombeau d'Edgar Allen Poe, je me
revele 'tel qu'en lui meme la technologie le change'

You are so right; the way technological discourse places gender under
erausre is so often because it does not want to; wants exactly to propose
it -- but as disavowed. I suppose what I mean is that sex/uality and
gender are given in the master discourse as a binary, not as a dialectic

You wrote:

But it' s amazing how technologie don't want erased sexual split,
magnifying the mystery even and how technologie go with hard one without
saying of feminine way of speaking I cant only caught a glimpse in your "a
girl in class knew the word 'adjacent', she had heard it on a TV advert"
and may be with the same and strange lump of fetichism in your throat. 

Ou bien le fetiche, ou bien Das Ding, la Chose, stuck in the throat
because it is the unnameable Thing, the 'unconscious' before it is
articulated as the obverse of language, but only under a specific
historcal circumstance -- The nameless (like the sublime) is a function of
history, and there Virilio is right to emphasise that history is the key
to the future, even if the bad guys possess it, and we swallow it. 



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