Ronda Hauben on 8 Jul 2000 16:32:58 -0000

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<nettime> U.S. GAO issues report on ICANN

On Friday, July 7, 2000 the US Government Accounting Office (GAO)  posted
their report of their investigaton of ICANN

In their investigation the GAO seemed to be able to ask helpful questions
and to interview a range of people. But the report focuses on the
responses of the U.S. Dept of Commerce (DOC) to the questions asked and to
the GAO's thoughts about the answers of the DOC. 

This is like doing an investigation of the theft of chickens from a
chicken coop, but then writing a report only about the answers the fox

Meanwhile the fox empties out the chicken coop. 

And the report becomes a report about *who* isn't able (allowed?) to do
the investigation, rather than about the problem of the chickens and the
chicken coop. 

However, it will be helpful to do a careful reading of the report and have
online discussion about it and its implications. 


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