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Re: <nettime> olympics hacks ?

there are a fair few people here who are not very happy. but, in timely
cheerful yet fascist way, the worst of aussie culture will deem it
unaustralian. you are talking demonisation and trivialisation of the worst
order. personally i know i couldn't trust my personal instincts to rage at
it without knowing harm won't come to my person or others. so i'm pulling
the ejection cord and bailing out; at least for the duration. many others
are coming with me or are gone already.


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> Great. Hack away.
> Will there be an Independent Media Center set up to cover protests of the
> Olympics (both on the street and on the net?) At a minimum there ought to
> be a Web site like the ones at
> Anyone know how to reach independent media makers and activists in Sydney?


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