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From: News & Letters <> 
    Subject: Greetings from News & Letters
           From: Alice Smits <>
               Subject: press release Hotel New York
                      From: matthew fuller <>
               Subject: CFP:*Stoking the Fires: Queer Post-Colonialities*
                      From: Station Rose <>
                          Subject: Webcast 114: live tonite 
                                 From: "isea" <>
                          Subject: ISEA Gathering - Siggraph 2000
                                     Subject: konzert
From: (performance research)
    Subject: Performance Research Essay Competition
           From: gregor muir <>
               Subject: Lux Gallery Update 9/7/00   +more human than human+
                      From: "RIELLO ANTONIO" <>
                          Subject: ART & VIDEOGAME
                      From: Ute Lenssen <>
                          Subject: News from the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
                                 From: Yael Kanarek <>
                          Subject: * World of Awe 1.0 Launched *
                      From: Digital-Arena <>
                          Subject: Welcome to the Digital Arena
                      From: "Frank Hartmann" <>
                          Subject: CyberPoiesis Research Project
                      From: New Langton Arts <>
                          Subject: THE BAY AREA AWARD SHOW 2000
                                 From: "darko fritz" <>
     Subject: announcement: CLUB.NL . Dubrovnik . contemporary art and art
            From: Robert Atkins <>
                Subject: The latest from the Media Channel: Paul Virilio
                       From: noelle pujol <>
                           Subject: Fwd : push =?iso-8859-1?Q?vid=E9o?=

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Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 16:24:36 -0700
From: News & Letters <>
Subject: Greetings from News & Letters

Dear Comrades,

We recently read with great interest the Inaugaral Manifesto of the Network
of Alternative Resistance, and we would like to estalish email as well as
snail mail communication with you, in order to facilitate an exchange of
views. We are a Marxist-Humanist publication and organization that has long
argued for a unity of theory and practice based on decentralized and
non-vanguardist organizational forms. The Manifesto's discussion of the
one-sidedness of both theoretical and practical work when developed in
isolation is most refreshing, and we look forward to a dialogue on such
issues between us.

In Solidarity,

Peter Hudis


"Human Power Is Its Own End."--Karl Marx
News and Letters Committees / NEWS & LETTERS
36 S. Wabash, Room 1440
Chicago IL 60603
TEL   312 236 0799
FAX   312 236 0725

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Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 20:40:12 -0400
From: Alice Smits <>
Subject: press release Hotel New York

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center Gallery 205

July 8 and 9, from 2 to 6 PM Hotel New York presents "Nowhere" by The Butoh
Rockettes in collaboration with Entropy Inc.

The Butoh Rockettes are a performance group that incorporates dance, theater
and puppetry into their work to create miniature spectacles. Their work has
been seen at P.S.122, Martha at Mother, Jackie 60 and at various outdoor and
indoor locations throughout New York City including a pier on the Hudson
River, an abandoned factory in Brooklyn and a store window in Manhattan. This
new piece, called "Nowhere" created specifically for Hotel New York,
transforms the room in a dream-like, hallucinatory environment, with costumes
and puppets by Chris Maresca. The performance invites viewers to enter the
hotel room to become a part of the performance/exhibit.

"Nowhere" will be performed by: Celeste Hastings, Patti Bradshaw, Chris
Maresca, Frank Schneider and Britt Whitton.

Hotel New York is an initiative of the Dutch artist Jeanne van Heeswijk,
that marked her participation in the International Studio Program 1998/99
at PS1. Jeanne has passed the torch to Alice Smits to organize Hotel New
York 2000.
Gallery 205 at PS1 is transformed into a replica of a hotelroom of Hotel New
York in Rotterdam, located in the former head office of the Holland-America
line. With Hotel New York PS1 a cultural line to New York is created. Hotel
New York functions as a working and showing space for artists, performers,
filmmakers, and musicians. During the year Alice Smits will invite guests to
stay, work and present projects to the public. As a hotelroom, Hotel New York
echoes the history of travel and thus reflects the migration and nomadic
movements of the contemporary art world. Hotel New York is a space for live
events focusing on artists projects that emphasis interdisciplinarity and
public interaction. In the intimate situation of a living space, Hotel New
York offers an interesting context for making and presenting such projects
within the contemporary art museum

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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 13:21:25 +0100
From: matthew fuller <>
Subject: CFP:*Stoking the Fires: Queer Post-Colonialities*

CFP:*Stoking the Fires: Queer Post-Colonialities*

We are soliciting contributions for a collection of essays, provisionally
titled, Stoking the Fires: Queer Post-Colonialities, that will contribute to
the emerging body of work on the intersections of queer studies and
postcolonial theory.  Our work is concerned with the tensions between the
materiality of the historical and the politics of the geographical.  The
essays we have in mind would attend to such critical issues as the rapid
expansion of queer movements in the post-colonies; the theoretical liaisons
among diaspora studies, queer studies and studies of globalization.  We are
interested in essays that focus on local sites and interrogate the very
production of what we consider "post-colonial" and "queer."

Please send a copy each of paper proposals and/or complete manuscripts to the
following addresses by or before September 1, 2000:

Anjali Arondekar
Department of Women's Studies
University of California at Santa Cruz

Geeta Patel
Department of Women's Studies
Wellesley College

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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 18:47:58 +0200
From: Station Rose <>
Subject: Webcast 114: live tonite 

STATION ROSE STReaming-Fahrplan update :

                 dear Gunafa Netizen,

before we really set the controls for summer-pause-mode, we will stream one
more live jam session to your very harddrives tonite.

NetSTReam - Webcast 114 at <>

---> Webcast 114, tonite THU/6.7.00, 9pm CET

* tonite: indoor= outdoor.
great in that little streaming window. Blow it up full screen, and it looks

In need of a break, we leave the <public field>  for 10 days, and
"do nothing else than nothing".

We shall be  back with webcast 115: THU/20.7.00, 9pm CET
(STR in conversation with a studioguest; to be announced.)


Station Rose Info: STReaming a la Station Rose, started in January 1999,
blends performance, lecture (STR in conversation with guests in the studio)
and multimedia jam sessions into a unique form of Net Art. 112 webcasts have
taken place so far. Main topics in the program of Station Rose webcasts are
live-sessions in realtime, where sounds&visuals are streamed from the studio
into the net. Acoustic highlights during this session are published on vinyl:
"live@home3", incl. remix by Move D, has been be released 22.6/00. Label:
gunafa, distribution: neuton. Cooperations with Crippled Dick Hot Wax, berlin
& International Deejay Gigolo Records, munich, as well as Move D/source

The actual "STReaming_Gunafa_Schedule" & the live-dates can be found at
                                                "Cyberspace  is  Our Land!"
stay with us
             station rose   7-2000

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From: "isea" <>
Subject: ISEA Gathering - Siggraph 2000
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2000 16:57:29 -0700

Dear members and friends of ISEA,

Once again this year, we would like to invite all members, friends, and
interested parties planning to attend Siggraph2000 (New Orleans, July 23-28,
2000) to an ISEA gathering during this event. The gathering, hosted by ISEA
Board members and staff, will be an opportunity to meet, network, and discuss
ISEA projects.

Hope to see you there!

ISEA Gathering - Siggraph 2000
Thursday 27 July, 2000
Noon - 2 pm

Location: Sheraton New Orleans (Headquarters Hotel)
500 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA

Room(s): Bayside Section A

For more information or to participate, please contact Katarina Soukup,
Interim Director <>
More info on Siggraph2000:
(French version)

Chers membres et amis d'ISEA,

Encore une fois cette année, il nous fait plaisir de convier membres et amis
qui se rendront à Siggraph2000 (New Orleans, 23-28 juillet 2000) à une
rencontre ISEA. Ce rassemblement, organisé par des membres du Conseil
d'administration et de l'équipe du siège social, sera l'occasion de se
rencontrer, d'échanger et de discuter des projets d'ISEA.

Nous espérons vous y voir en grand nombre !

Rencontre ISEA - Siggraph2000
Jeudi, le 27 juillet 2000
De midi à 14 heures

Lieu: Sheraton New Orleans (Hotel principal)
500 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA
Pièce(s): Bayside Section A

Pour plus d'informations ou pour nous aviser de votre présence, veuillez
contacter Katarina Soukup, directrice intérimaire <>
Informations concernant Siggraph2000:

Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
Inter-Societe des arts electroniques
3530, boul. Saint-Laurent, suite 305
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA H2X 2V1
tel. +1-514-847-8912 * Fax. +1-514-847-8834 *

********************* ISEA2000 **************
7.12 - 10.12, 2000 / Paris, France /

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Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 07:36:32 +0200
Subject: konzert


Max/MSP/Nato event in North Oakland, CA.

Compound Eye & Ear: On Saturday, July 15, we continue our ongoing monthly A-V
shindigs at Compound Eye with an event featuring two visiting performers. 

Composer Masayuki Akamatsu, an Associate Professor at the International
Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS) in Gifu, Japan, will be performing
some of his Max/MSP/Nato-based work; there will also be a demonstration of a
real-time video sampler he has created.

Brian K. Slater of Tactex Controls Inc. in Victoria, BC, Canada, will be
showing off the MTC Express, a fiber-optic controller of great
expressiveness. He also promises to premiere "a new,
never-seen-anywhere-else-on-the-planet, hybrid instrument."

There will also be live video mixing, and a demonstration of a
genetic-algorithm-based composition toy. Admission is free.

Compound Eye is located in North Oakland. Info and map:


P.S. If you are interested in participating in this event (or in future
monthly events), please contact us!

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Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 15:08:24 +0000
From: (performance research)
Subject: Performance Research Essay Competition


Performance Research
New Critical Writing

 Annual ESSAY COMPETITION Guidelines

Closing Date
30th September 2000


The aim of the competition is to foster original essay writing by emerging
writers, artists and graduates and is open to anyone whose work has not
been previously published in a peer reviewed journal.

*       Essays should address contemporary performance practice or
contemporary investigations of performance practice and its history.
*       Submissions can be made in the writer's preferred language.
*       Entries should be 2000-4000 words in length.
*       Texts should be double spaced and should adhere to PR Writer's
Guidlines (attached). 

     [attachment unattached @ nettime--mod]

*       Entries should be accompanied by a separate sheet (one side A4)
including biography and contact details.
*       Entries must be submitted on disk (see attached guidelines for
formats) and accompanied by one hard copy manuscript.

        Clancy Pegg (Administrator)
        Performance Research
        Market Road
        Cardiff CF5 1QE


The work of all participants will first be read by readers drawn from the
Editorial Board of 'Performance Research' and each person will then be
assigned an editor for feedback and revision. After revision the essays will
considered for publication. While only one essay will be published we hope
that the process of working with an experienced reader/writer as editor will
be useful in itself.

The winning essay will be published in Performance Research Volume 6, Number
1, Spring 2001.


Clancy Pegg (Administrator)
Performance Research
Market Road
Cardiff CF5 1QE
TEL:             + 44 (0) 29 20 388 848
FAX:            + 44  (0) 870 055 7873
WEBSITES:  <> then search for 'Performance Research'

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Date: 09 Jul 00 18:52:23 +0800
From: gregor muir <>
Subject: Lux Gallery Update 9/7/00            +more human than human+

DANIEL PFLUMM opens this Thursday 13 July,  6 - 9pm
PETER LAND opens Thursday 3 August, 6 - 9pm

DANIEL PFLUMM: 14 - 30 July, 2000

Daniel Pflumn is renowned for his frenetic video installations
featuring an endless stream of corporate logos: in rapid succession,
the logo’s flutter into view to form a mesmerising montage. DJ and
one-time founder of the Berlin night-club Panasonic, Pflumn presents a
Kotai+Moi..  Join the artist for an informal talk in the gallery on 22
July.  Pflumm works closely with Galerie Neu in Berlin, whose image
and branding he continues to design. Recent solo shows include
Kunstverein Frankfurt, Green Naftali, New York, and Asprey-Jacques,
London. Plumm will also be exhibiting at Emily Tsingou Gallery,
London, in January 2001.  With thanks to the Goethe Institute London.

*Introduction to My Work*
4 August - 3 September, 2000

"Hello, my name is Peter Land. I’m an artist from Denmark… Originally, I
wanted to be a painter. At some point while in art school I started to pose
questions as to why I did these paintings.  And all of a sudden it didn’t
make sense anymore. I abandoned painting and started making video instead…"

After last summer’s delirious screenings of drug-related films by Carsten
Holler, the Lux invites Danish artist Peter Land to present ‘Introduction to
my Work’. Slapstick and often bizarre, the world of Peter Land is filed with
extraordinary Sisyphian tasks and absurdist images, as the artist falls time
and time again from bar stools and step ladders, or looses himself in the
company strippers.  ‘Introduction to my Work’  includes early gems such as
‘d. 6 Februar’ (1994) and ‘Pink Space’ (1995), as well as recent works -
as yet unseen in the UK – including ‘The Cellist’ (1998) and ‘The
Staircase’ (1998). The compilation also features ‘The Lake’ where the
artist is spied walking through woodlands sporting Bavarian tweeds and a
shot-gun. The rest is history… Land graduated from Goldsmith’s college in
1995 and exhibited extensively throughout Europe and America. Recent
solo-shows include Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen, Klosterfelde Gallery,
Berlin, Grunert/Gasser, New York and Museum of Modern Art Chicago.

Upcoming: TRAGIC DATA: September 20 - October 15, 2000 TERRY SMITH:  November 3 - December 3, 2000
Just a reminder to check out these web-sites… (a possible artist-project maybe? : )


Gregor Muir
Lux Gallery Curator

Lux Centre
2 - 4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU
t +44 (0) 207 684 2787 f +44 (0) 207 684 1111

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Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 23:31:39 +0200

I am an Italian artist and I focused my artistic research on videogames and
as teacher at Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano (Brera) I take care for
multimedia dept of "aesthetic and creative aspects of videogames".  I am also
a consultant of Media Lab of DIESEL Industries.

I am interested to hold lectures and temporary teachings (in English) in USA
about aesthetic and artistic aspects of videogames.  As an artist I am quite
interested to develop an artproject inside a videogame environment.  I send
you some notes about aesthetical and teoretical aspects of electronical
enterteinment.  Digital culture + popular culture are my land........

I include here my c.v.
I can teach in English.

Best regards
Antonio Riello
36063 Marostica
phone 0424-75686
fax 0424-72024

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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 14:23:49 +0200
Subject: News from the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
From: Ute Lenssen <>

Dear friends, we have been very busy organizing the upcoming Bauhaus Kolleg 2
"Event City". For your information I am sending you the detailed program for
the 1= Trimester with all the lecturers that we were able to win for our
Event City Kolleg:

Bauhaus Kolleg 2 Event City

1. September - 30. November 2000


Week 1 Sociology of the event society
4.- 8. September 2000
Cultural Theory of the Event City     Regina Bormann 4.9
Theme Parc City     John Hannighan 5.9.
Individualization and social integration in Postmodernism
Start of Movie series  about Las Vegas, Disney and the Luna Park

Week 2 Cultural industry and urbanity
11.- 14.September 2000
World view Luna Park - modern venues of amusement and cultural modernity
Torsten Blume 11.9.
Illumination of the city - artificial urban worlds     Gerd Held 12.9.
Film and City A new way of seeing - spatial concepts of the classical
avantgarde Wolfgang Th=F6ner 13.9.

14.-16. September Conference und Preisverleihung Bauhaus Award

Week 3 Transformation of culture
18.- 22.September 2000
Construction of identity in the postindustrial society : heterogeneity,
translation and hybridity
David Morley 18.9.
Cultural theory of the performance Rainer Winter 19.9.
Globalisation of culture John Tomlinson 20.9.

Week 4 Social geography of the postindustrial space
25.-29.September 2000
Consumption and pleasure - the social identity of the new middle class
Derek Wynne 25.9.
The Disneyfication of the city  Frank Roost  27.9.


Week 5 Introduction in the project location
2.- 6. Oktober 2000
Heike Br=FCckner/ Wilfried Hackenbroich
Lecture: divided  pleasure in the dual city  Neil Smith 2.10

Week 6    Excursions:
Frankfurt, Oberhausen, Berlin  9.-13.10

Week 7     Interior urbanism, event space, und scape
16.- 21.Oktober 2000
Conceptual workshop about urban architecture: interior urbanism, event space
and scape  Wilfried Hackenbroich with Anna Klingmann

The workshop is accompanied by lectures and presentation of works: The
architect as Imagineer Beth Dunlop 18.10.  spatial structures and design
strategies of the theme park  Michael Graves (to be confirmed)

Week 7    Strategies of urban planning in the Event City
23.- 25.Oktober 2000
Workshop: planning culture and urban management in the Event City
Ilse Helbrecht
26.- 27.Oktober 2000
Typology of the Urban Entertainment Center   Heike Br=FCckner / Wilfried

Week 8    Architecture of the Event City
30.10.- 3.11.2000
Lecture : cultural studies of  the popular culture- subversive consumption
John Fiske . 30.10=20

Wilfried Hackenbroich

Week 9 Cartography of Urbanity
Workshop Tobias Walliser UN Studio Ben van Berkel 2. and 3. 11.
Workshop Knowbotic Research 6. 11

Week 10 Scenes of urban entertainment
7.- 24. November 2000
Completion of the workshop results

Final presentation and colloquium: Mise en Sc=E9ne and Urbanity
27.- 29. 11.2000

Applications for participation are still being accepted - please contact:

Ute Lenssen

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
Project Manager
Gropiusallee 38
06846 Dessau
Tel: ++49 (0)340-6508-402,
Fax: ++49 (0)340-6508-404

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Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 13:15:32 +0000
From: Yael Kanarek <>
Subject: * World of Awe 1.0 Launched *

[Pardon for cross-posting]
CONTACT: Yael Kanarek


New York, NY, July 11, 2000 -- Treasurecrumbs is proud to announce the latest
release of "World of Awe" by media artist Yael Kanarek. The website is an
online narrative that uses the ancient genre of the traveler's tale to
explore the connections between narrative, memory & technology.

A treasure hunt takes place in a desert terrain called the sunset/sunrise,
where the determination to find the lost treasure meets nostalgia for
speculated technology and longing for a loved one left behind. Treasure
crumbs found in excavation sites, oddly, resemble candy sprinkles. Written in
the literary style of magical realism, "World of Awe" contains a collection
of love letters that open from digital landscapes and journal entries that
describe events from the expedition. Also included are detailed technical
descriptions of three navigation tools: The map, the moodRingBaby and the
magnifying glass.

"I'm constantly drawn to the intimate 'loving' aspect of working in the
digital environments where narrative and code become one.  Where code and
binaries expand the non-verbal experience of the narrative," says Ms.

Visitors to "World of Awe" are greeted with the sound of hollowing wind and
an invitation to enter an interface that appears like an awkward application,
which claims to mirror the content stored on the laptop used by the traveler.

"I printed the output and wrote your name on the back then folded it into a
tiny ball and left it on the motherboard next to me. I sat there for a
while...just sat there...mind wandering, gazing into nowhere. A dung beetle
climbed on the motherboard. It approached my letter, sniffed my little love
ball then got on its forelegs and rolled it away off the motherboard and
under an old Pentium 7 Gateway 2300 PC (I recognized it by the udder on its
case). I reached out to my backpack pulling out a few strips of dodo jerky
and crackers for dinner. A quiet thought was wondering how long it would take
for my message to arrive at its destination." --excerpt from the chapter
Silicon Canyon.

"World of Awe" is a production of Treasurecrumbs, conceived and developed by
Yael Kanarek. DHTML & Perl programming by Luis Perez. Sound design by Raw
Dog. Edited by Rebecca Turner. "World of Awe" has been in development since
1995. A previous version of the site is archived on the SFMOMA website. An
"Art Dirt" online interview/performance is accessible through the Walker Art
Center website. "World of Awe" is hosted by RSUB-The Razorfish Subnetwork and
is a participant in FILE, International Electronic Language Festival in Såo
Paulo, Brazil in August.

Visit "World of Awe" on the web at  The site is
accessible through any 4.X web browser and requires a Flash plugin. Contact
Yael Kanarek at

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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 05:51:46 +0200
From: Digital-Arena <>
Subject: Welcome to the Digital Arena

dear adressee,
would you be so kind as to take notice of the following:


Part of this years 'Rundgang' ( 'open doors') from 12th to 16th of=20 july in
the academy of fine arts in Kassel / Germany=20 ( is
the 'digital arena'. Within this newMedia=20 project parts of the art program
like live performances,=20 movie-premieres of the acadamies' film- and
trickfilm-classes, the=20 opening ceremonie etc. will be broadcasted worldide
live in the=20 internet.

|||||||||||||||||||||||| On saturday, the 15. of july, digital arena=20 finds
its' climax in a massive new-media-event (envisioned and=20 produced by
fLeITer and candela2 of KHK), to which sound, video and=20 light artists from
several countries were invited, to work one night=20 together mixer-in-mixer
on a multi-media dancefloor and a=20 chill-out-zone to put the expected 2000
visitors right in the center=20 of a digital 'Gesamtkunstwerk'.

doors open at 2000 hours
at the  School of fine Arts Kassel (Kunsthochschule Kassel)=20
Menzelstrasse 13   34121 Kassel   Germany

take off is at  2100 hours with 'prototyp1', a=20
multi-media-performance by Carsten Nicolai (documenta X, mille=20

|||||||||||||||||||||||| The artists  (every set is performed by one=20 DJ,
one LJ and two VJ's) in the frag zone, the main arena, work=20 around themes
like 'media reflection between Make-Up and=20 Pret-a-Porter', 'martial
interpretaions of everyday phenomena',=20 video-alchemy,
multi-format-mixtures and media overload. The music=20 style being played by
the DJ's settles somewhere in techno-electronic=20 sounds, to which the VJ's
transform the light- and sound-flooded=20 architecture with video- and
computer-animations into what somebody=20 once described as 'expanded
cinema'(a cinema that appeals to all=20 senses; with cigarrette-fumes,
smoke-machines and sweating bodies in=20 this case adding the last
sensation). Part of the VJ-show in the main=20 arena will be the projection
of a modified quake3 arena match which=20 takes place in the virtually
reconstructed academy of fine arts, to=20 which users worldwide can log in
(Server IP address is and is ready now for beta-testing;
texture and map downloads are=20 available at

In the chill-out-zone 'blue electro' the audience has the possibilty=20 to
escape the media overload of the main arena and to relax with live=20 on
computers and diverse other electronic sound devices created=20
minimal-electro-avantgarde-sound, atmospheric lighting, water=20 projections
and dry-ice-fountains.

|||||||||||||||||||||||| the lineup sound /main arena : porter ricks (mille
plateaux), dj fish (Stammheim kassel=), soma load (Kassel), dj jeremias
(munique), alva noto (raster noton,=20 mille plateaux).  video /main arena:
candela2 (Kassel), alter fin (Amsterdam), miabe (kassel), al dorr
(baltimore), olaf & catarine val (cologne), fLeITer (kassel) light FX /main
arena: fLeITer, ultraschall (Kassel) sound /chill-out-zone: dj voltix
(N=FCrnberg), alecks (Kassel) installation /chill-out-zone: kroell
(cuxhaven), ultraschall (Kassel)

|||||||||||||||||||||||| join the live stream now on=20
|||||||||||||||||||||||| contact:

|||||||||||||||||||||||| digital arena is a fLeITer | candela2 production

"... Then the world was reduced to one and zero. And allowed the=20 signals
to cross the border, to put visitor and raver right in the=20 oscillating
center of an electronic 'Gesamtkunstwerk' ."

welcome to the digital arena.

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From: "Frank Hartmann" <>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 19:15:21 +0200
Subject: CyberPoiesis Research Project

The CyberPoiesis project seeks to explore scientifically what media-based
processes and interactivity in the Net are about. In contrast to previous
studies on the use of the Net, the focus has been shifted and expanded here.
In the past few years, research concentrated on the investigation of
quantitative data concerning online time and modalities, the issue of the
Internet substituting classic mass media, as well as negative aspects, e.g.
Internet addiction, the need for information diets and censorship mechanisms
(right-wing radicalism, child pornography). By contrast, the CyberPoiesis
project is neither of the quantifying and essentialistic kind nor concerned
with a critique of culture and a pessimistic attitude: it focuses on the
cognitive transformation (of perception, imagination and identity) caused by
communication on the Net and the changed modes of social self-organisation in
virtual communities. This first part of empirical research concerning the Net
will be completed at the end of the year 2000.

The Second Research Focus

The second part of research will look into the possibilities and conditions
of relations in time and space within the sphere of networked electronic
media.  Against the backdrop of existing results of empirical research, this
will mainly be about ? the qualitative dimensions of social options of
information, communication and action in artificial spaces; ? selected
projects involving the artistic design and animation of artificial spaces and
? independent, quasi-ethnic cultural developments.  The second stage of
research will be completed in mid-2001.

The Central Questions

? How can media science actually 'grasp' an 'object area' of constant
transformation, acceleration and technical innovation such as net-based
media?  ? Are there any theories and models concerning the evolution and
emergence of new media in general and Net media in particular?  ? What are
the contributions of (Radical) Constructivism, (autopoietic) systems theory,
(second- and third-order) cybernetics and memetics to the observation of the
Net media evolution?  ? What are the empirical methods and processes
specially suited for the observation of Net use?  ? How does Net use change
the cognitive construction of views of the world, content of perception and
imagination?  ? What are the new communication styles and forms created by
communication on the Net?  ? What is the relation of text-based and
image-based communication on the Net?  ? How do social structures, contexts,
communities and the (world) society change due to Net communication?  ? What
are the social semantics that turn out to be plausible in the age of Net

Theoretical Evolution

The CyberPoiesis project seeks to test advanced anti-realistic and
observer-centred theories such as Radical Constructivism, autopoietic systems
theory and second-order cybernetics for its suitability (and the degree to
which they can be used empirically) for the observation of Net communication.
Concerning theoretical assumptions, research focuses on the following issues:
» How do micro level (the cognitive construction of reality = constructivism)
and macro level (the social construction of reality = systems theory) relate?
» How can all levels, from micro level to macro level (individual use of the
Net, use routines and habits, net structures, political, economic, technical
and legal framework conditions)be observed in a meaningful way within an
integrative theory architecture?  » How can systems theory be extended by an
additional perspective, the dialectic of system and network (V. Grassmuck)?
» How can second-order cybernetics be operationalised as a general theory of
media observation?

The Methods

The CyberPoesis project is breaking new ground in terms of research methods
as it waives the angle of the external scientific observer in the first
research focus: CyberPoiesis is a project about the Net and (almost
exclusively) on the Net. Empirically speaking, CyberPoiesis is thus an
attempt at carrying out an entirely new form of Internet survey. In the
second part of research, analyses of literature, qualitative interviews and
the presentation and discussion of artistic projects in terms of media
analysis will be in the foreground.

Final Evaluation

Before the process is completed we are planning to invite five authors from
among all those who actively participated to comment on five theses resulting
from the research process. Moreover, we are planning to publish the overall
results in a book in the spring of 2002.

Manfred Faßler & Stefan Weber, July 2000

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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 16:46:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: New Langton Arts <>

For Immediate Release				            
Images Available. Contact Leah Broder 415 626 5416 or
THE BAY AREA AWARD SHOW 2000:  July 12 - September 9, 2000
Opening Reception July 13, 6 - 8 pm

VISUAL ART:  Leona Christie, Frederick Hayes, and Jon-Paul Villegas

NET ART:  Steev Hise and Masako Odaka	


San Francisco - New Langton Arts announces the recipients of The Bay Area
Award Show 2000. Langton's walls pop with color, texture, and raw emotion
when visual arts awardees Leona Christie, Frederick Hayes, and Jon-Paul
Villegas take over the gallery. NetWork awardees Steev Hise and Masako Odaka
evoke democratic freedom and subvert the eCommerce paradigm in their Internet
based projects. Musée artist Hilary Chartrand turns scraps of commercially
printed products into landscapes of color and pattern.

In its seventh year, The Award Show embodies the spirit of exploration on
which this artist space was founded nearly 25 years ago. Langton's curators
turn a focused eye toward local art makers, performers, and writers, and give
audiences a chance to sample a selection of the innovation taking place
locally. New Langton Arts is located at 1246 Folsom Street. Gallery hours are
12 - 5, Wednesday through Saturday.  Admission is free. Call 415 626 5416 for

IN THE GALLERY Oakland artist Leona Christie draws ethereal worlds that
vacillate between fantasy and industry, innocence and corruption, Ziegfield
follies and organic abstraction. Monochromatic skyscapes and transparent
heroines from her on-going series The Helium Wars fill a wall and bubble
over, spilling onto the gallery floor.

Quietly staring out from a field of white paper Frederick Hayes' characters
speak volumes. The passionately rendered charcoal portraits are moments we've
experienced, emotions we've felt, people we've passed by on the street. For
The Award Show Hayes creates life-sized drawings of six characters from the
modern metropolis.

In Jon-Paul Villegas' installations chewing gum, fake flowers, and faux wood
paneling implicate each other in mysterious, open-ended narratives.  He
carefully alters and arranges found objects into sculptures and installations
that behave like paintings on a wall. 

ONLINE at Steev Hise's project, Detritus Sound
Consensus Bakery (2000) netcasts an algorithmically generated sound collage
24 hours a day. Listeners use a web interface to set a variety of sonic
variables drawing from a database of sound samples.  Listeners' input is
statistically averaged and processed into a new 'democratic' stream of sound.  

Masako Odaka's project Pinion (2000), invites the user to modify existing web
pages then uploads them to free servers all over the world, creating
information noise or echo. The title, which means to restrain a bird from
flight by cutting or binding its wings, refers to users ability to separate
the "pinioned" web sites from their intended location and purpose. 

MUSEE D'HONNEUR MINUSCULE A stack of envelopes becomes a mesmerizing
composition of lines and folds when put in the hands of SF artist Hilary
Chartrand. She turns common, commercially printed products into elegant,
painterly objects, asking the viewer to find beauty in the mundane. 

ABOUT THE ARTISTS Leona Christie received her MFA from the University of
Washington, Seattle. She has had solo exhibitions at Southern Exposure, SF
(1999) and Prince Fine Art, New York (1998), and has been included in
numerous group exhibitions.

Frederick Hayes, a San Francisco artist, received an MFA from the San
Francisco Art Institute. His work has been shown in solo and group
exhibitions at a variety of venues including Meridian Gallery, SF (2000),
WORKS, San Jose (1999), and The Drawing Center, NY (1998). 

Jon-Paul Villegas received his MFA from the California College of Arts and
Crafts (CCAC), SF. His work is included in Introductions 2000, Gallery Paule
Anglim, SF and Survivalist, Southern Exposure, SF (1999).

Steev Hise is a multimedia artist who has worked in performance, experimental
music, video, and net art, and has performed at venues including Borderbend,
Mills College, Oakland (2000), 33 Degrees, Austin TX (1999), and LACE, Los
Angeles (1996). A graduate of California Institute of the Arts, he is on the
steering committee for the SF Electronic Music Festival.

Masako Odaka is a recent graduate of the CADRE program at San Jose State

Hilary Chartrand earned an MFA from CCAC, Oakland, where she received the
Hamaguchi Award for excellence in printmaking. She was recently included in
the International Student Exhibition, Kunning, China (2000).


VISUAL ART EXHIBITION: July 12 - September 9
Leona Christie
Frederick Hayes
Jon-Paul Villegas

Au Musée d'Honneur Minuscule: July 12 - September 9
Hilary Chartrand

NETWORK ( July 12 - September 9
Steev Hise
Masako Odaka

RECEPTION FOR THE ARTISTS: Thursday, July 13 6-8 pm


READING: Wednesday, August 9  8 pm
Taylor Brady
Susan Gevirtz

CONCERT: Saturday, August 12  8 pm
John Ingle

PERFORMANCES AND VIDEO SCREENING: Thursday and Fruday, August 17 & 18  8 pm
Jacob Hartman
Kathryn Williamson
Bob Linder

1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco
Gallery hours are Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 5 pm and Tuesday by appointment  
Admission is free. Call for information 415 626 5416

BOX OFFICE INFORMATION Tickets for readings $6 general or $4 for Langton
members, students, and seniors All other events $8 general or $6 for Langton
members, students, and seniors Advance reservations are recommended. Call 415
626 5416 Advance purchases with Visa or Mastercard may be made over the phone
A $1/ticketservice charges applies for all credit card purchases Group
discounts and complimentary tickets for caregivers are available 

*  *  *
New Langton Arts is funded in part by Michael Abbink, Association Française
d'Action Artistique, Banana Republic, BankAmerica Foundation, Stephen
Buckingham, Lewis Butler, Penny and James Coulter, Cultural Equity Grants
Program of the San Francisco Arts Commission, Cultural Services of the French
Embassy, Joshua Distler, eBay Great Collections, Etant donnés, Simon Frankel,
Maynard and Charlotte Franklin, Joseph Furlong III, Grants for the Arts/San
Francisco Hotel Tax Fund, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Gretchen
Hillenbrand, Edward Jew, Joe Boxer, Jeanne Meyers, Meridee Moore and Kevin
King, The National Endowment for the Arts Creation & Presentation Programs,
Penny Perlmutter Fernandez, Potrero Nuevo Fund, The Howard Rice Fund, Robert
Harshorn Shimshak, Marcia Tanner and Winsor Soule, Kathryn Taylor and Tom
Steyer, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Susan and Richard
Swig Watkins, the board of directors and members of New Langton Arts.
- end -

New Langton Arts
1246 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
415.626.5416 ph
415.255.1453 fx

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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 22:23:23 +0200
Subject: announcement: CLUB.NL . Dubrovnik . contemporary art and art
	 initiatives from the Netherlands
From: "darko fritz" <>

CLUB.NL announcement

contemporary art and art initiatives from the Netherlands

work in situ by 30 artists + art initiatives + DJ's + VJ's + T[theory]J's
incl. another 100+ artworks

August 20 - 30
Dubrovnik, Croatia, Karantena 4 festival, ARL / Otok gallery

site-specific installations . video . performances . radio program . party
round table - networkmania . mini FM transmissions . audio streaming .
vacations .

highlight -> collective artwork created in the flux of dance partys
August 25 / 26 / 27 >>> last weekend in August >>> from 23 h ->

curators: Ademir Arapovic . Darko Fritz . Nienke Vijlbrief

contact: Vesna Mitrovic
e-mail: <>
tel / fax: ++.385.20. 423497

more info at temporary page:

new web page will be announced

this program is made with help by Mondrian Fond - Amsterdam, Prins Bernhard
Fond - Amsterdam, Apexchanges - Amsterdam, Croatia Airlines - Zagreb /
Amsterdam, ARL - Dubrovnik, Netherlands Embassy - Zagreb and lot of
individual effort by participating artists and people behind art initiatives
thanx to all of them .

Darko Fritz
Sincere apologies for cross-postings.
if you don't like to receive further info on CLUB.NL please send an e-mail

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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 13:28:55 -0400
From: Robert Atkins <>
Subject: The latest from the Media Channel: Paul Virilio

"Advertizing With a G-String" by Paul Virilio

"... One frequently hears it proclaimed that "Art cannot be immoral,"
whereas what ought to be said is that it cannot be illegal...."

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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 02:14:44 EDT




(netcast radio) 
"Studio B11", Bauhaus University(Weimar)Experimental Radio 
"Dialtone" Teleinteractive Net Audio Experiment by Tamas Szakal 

"Noisegate Talks" Granular Synthesis in conversation w/ Mark Dery: Video 
Documentary by Lee Songe. 
"ArtDirt" GH Hovagimyan talks to Ricardo Dominguez about new forms of 
positive social resistance 

"Maximal Minimal at Feigan Contemporary" by Lee Klein 
"Susan L. Yung at Tribes Gallery" by Jim Feast 
"Three Degrees of Separation" Cohen-Frank-Ippolito at Sandra Gering 

Mark Amerika: "phon:e:me" 
Meiko + Ryu: "Artland" 
Raster-Noton: "20 to 2000" 

(performative work) 
Electronic Disturbance Theater "How to be a Radio Pirate" 
Cary Peppermint: "Info for the Other Sides of Here" 

RTMark "Bringing it to You!" 

Daniel Garcia Andujar: "Technologies to the People" 
Joy Garnett: "The Bomb Project" 
Tina LaPorta: "Shifting" 
Diane Ludin/Ricardo Dominguez: "Viroids" 

(Web Interface) 
Jodi: "Map" 
Mark Napier: "Shredder" 
Mark Tribe/Alex Galloway: "Starry Night" 

(news / essays / announcements) 
"Newsgrist" by Joy Garnett 
"Monsanto" by Decepticons 
"Internet and Xenophobia" Marc Chemillier/Sans Papiers by Geert Lovink 


NEW YORK, NY  10012 

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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 12:02:40 +0200
From: noelle pujol <>
Subject: Fwd : push =?iso-8859-1?Q?vid=E9o?=

l'objet : expo. le travail c'est la santé
la date : 23_06_00 / 16_07_00
De : K@rl, Bon accueil, ZooGalerie
Lieu : Bon accueil, 74 canal St Martin, 35700 Rennes

noëlle pujol & ludovic burel ont réalisé :

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