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<nettime> Fw: and Publishing Rights

summarized from the online writing (OWL) list regarding ( )
does anyone on nettime have more information?

Apparently contentville is selling reprints of articles and dissertations
without? written permission from the authors.
here's the gist:

re: dissertations
Graduate schools used UMI (now Bell & Howell) for a dissertation
repository -- apparently a commonly-accepted, widely-followed practice.
Bell and Howell, in turn, made a licensing agreement with That licensing agreement somehow allows contentville to
sell dissertations. You can reach Bell & Howell and the dissertation
department by finding information at or 1-800-521-0600. feels that dissertation authors should take this up with
Bell and Howell. 

re: articles. You'll need to check directly with contentville and/or your
publisher for information. do a search on your name on
and see if any of your articles show up for sale there. 

geneva anderson

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