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<nettime> Corporate Watch: George W. Bush and Enron Corp.

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This Corporate Watch mailing may be of interest to some of you.

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Subject: George W. Bush and Enron Corp.

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July 20, 2000

 A Special Investigative Report

Our special election coverage kicks off with "George W. Bush Gets LAYed," 
an investigative report on the close ties between George W. Bush and Enron
Corporation CEO Kenneth Lay. Correspondent Pratap Chatterjee looks at how
Enron's political patronage of the Texas governor has led to corporate tax
cuts, industry deregulation and environmental degradation.  He also
reports on Enron's complicity in human rights abuses in India and Bolivia. 

Check back in two weeks for dispatches from the GOP convention and from
the protests in the streets. Also Coming next month: Al Gore's corporate
connections. Our follow-the-money coverage will be updated through the
November election.


International Coalition Blasts Global Compact

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan announced 44 corporate partners for his
Global Compact project on July 20, (including Nike, Shell and Novartis.) 

At the same time, an international coalition of environmental and human
rights groups, including Corporate Watch's parent organization TRAC,
blasted the initiative for "asking corporationsto endorse a vague
commitment to human rights, labor and environmental standards" while
drawing "attention away from the need for more substantial action to hold
corporations accountable for their behavior."

Teach-In on Economic Globalization and the Role of the United Nations 
Set for September 5

The International Forum on Globalization is organizing a teach-in at New
York City's Town Hall on September 5th.  Entitled "Can the United Nations
Be Salvaged?" The event, co-sponsored by Corporate Watch's parent
organization, TRAC, will feature twenty-five speakers including: John
Cavanagh, Kevin Danaher, Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Joshua Karliner, Martin
Khor, David Korten, Jerry Mander, Anuradha Mittal, Victor Navasky, Vandana
Shiva, Lori Wallach, among others.  For Tickets and information, call


Please help us to build a powerful and vibrant movement for human rights,
environmental justice and corporate accountability. The donations of
individuals like yourself are the fuel for this critical, cutting-edge

You may make a tax-deductible gift to Corporate Watch through our website

You may also send us a tax-deductible U.S. bank check or international
money order.  Please make the check out to TRAC/Tides and send it to TRAC,
P.O. Box 29344, San Francisco CA 94129, USA. 

Thank you. 

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