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RE: <nettime> Adam Penenberg's letter of resignation to Forbes Ma gazine

hi all, an observation: I have a hard time accepting this letter as
authentic, when it is rife with spelling/grammatical/punctuation errors. 
>From a journalist?  See below.  Can anyone confirm the authenticity of
this email? 


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Subject: <nettime> Adam Penenberg's letter of resignation to Forbes

"effectively immediately"--effective immediately.

"Since Forbes issued a press release about the story, I assume the response
within 60 Fifth Avenue was positive"--assumed (verb tense agreement)

"("Going Once, Going Twice... Hacked!")."--punctuation placement

"I repeated to Tenn that I would not testify, that this was gross breach of 
journalism ethics."--journalistic

"(He did a phenomenal job, too.)."--punctuation

"They must be thinking, If it could happen to me, if could happen to
them."--lack of proper quoting, and should be 'it could happen to them'

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