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<nettime> Fw: [internodium] Serb Government Ready to Take Over Internet?

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Subject: [internodium] Serb Government Ready to Take Over Internet?

> www.beograd.com
> 10:07 Serb Government Ready to Take Over Internet?
> As beograd.com has learned from well-informed sources, The Law on
> Public Companies and Activities of Public Interest taking effect as of
> today, provides that private Companies from field of
> telecommunications and information must make a contract with the
> state. According to the contract, the state will have to agree with
> their statutes, tariffs and all other decisions. The Law will include
> Internet providers in Serbia.
> According to beograd.com source, this will, in practice, made
> accessible lists of users, their activity on the net and copies of
> their e-mails to state officials. Besides, authorities will have full
> insight into financial part of Internet providing.
> "We thought taking over of Internet impossible, but we were obviously
> wrong," says our source, "and the state would be now able to increase
> the price of access so high, that nobody will be able to pay.
> Providers, who already have high financial obligations abroad, will
> inevitably go bankrupt. Internet will be accessible only to those who
> obey."
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