Quim Gil on 26 Jul 2000 20:37:46 -0000

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Re: <nettime> Spanish alternative lists


As I know there is not a huge and known alternative list in Spanish as

Maybe the closest one is Kriptopolis ("criptología, ciberderechos,
hacktivismo, seguridad"...). But it's a bulletin opened to contributions,
not a mailing list. http://www.kriptopolis.com/

You can find interesting stuff in Enmedi@, a mailing list at
http://enredando.com . Many issues discussed here are also discussed at
Enmedi@, and there is a big presence of latin american readers and
contributors, which make the list really interesting. With a wide range of
perspectives, not just the Spanish ones. 

Long time ago there was a very interesting list maintained by Fronteras
Electrónicas: http://arnal.es/free/noticias/noticias.html You can find
some of the veteran promoters of that list at Kriptópolis and some of them
at Enmedi@. 

If you are interested in all this MAYBE you are interested also in
Interactors (http://interactors.net). Other lists I know are more focused
on journalism, net-art, etc. If you (or anyone) is interested on these
issues, please ask. 

Hope it helps.

Quim Gil

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