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<nettime> i belong to daddy

[[[The below quote actually belongs to P.J. Proudhon, rather than

> what about: "property is theft" - j.j. rousseau ...

well if you want to give the property of this wit to rousseau it’s your
elegant way to escape from oxymoron, but permit I render as jesus or
machiavel my crablouses to cesar or my prince.. if I undertand something
in liberalism and in its indeniable force it’s always in not constructing
fom a status quo but always keeping only the durable conditions of the
best maximisation for the future, it’s its claimed aim, and so much that
liberalism seems always searching a competitor for making the proof of its
performance. Open society and property and justice and so on are just and
only epiphenomenona : just some temporary rules, modus vivendi etc…
justice, liberty, property are just and only under product or propaganda
etc. as art. main one is all global goods product whatsit, as prosperity,
happiness brief surch synonymous words.  Property is so much a mean we see
in biothec, the property is the only soft in the head foundling one for
keeping the potential of research.  So Thus question about art and its
rewards who care ? good question is what could be the good condition for
its maximisation in the future, and only if art remain a necessary under
product for global performance. but nobody could ‘think’ this whole thing,
this thing is greater than any brain blabla … there you escape from old
utilitarist manière and to be a fucking intellectual in liberalism you you
have to do : in physically implicate yourself (with your money, your work,
your ass, your fatigue etc..).. for instance in closed altern.org if your
name is valentin lacambre.  I completely agree with heiko rocktenwald in
its ‘But he may not destroy his own case, by closing down his thing too
early.’ But exept that in this strange case of altern.org. heiko
rocktenwald forget a thing, valery lacambre doesn’t destroy his own case,
he proof that free expression is just a mean, not a content and in closing
in advance he prove that : not to the French authority but to his
customers. His own case was not his own. ‘Property is thief’.- Thorsten

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