Dave Prager on 27 Jul 2000 22:38:16 -0000

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RE: <nettime> Terror in Tune Town

> I still believe that we
> don't treat artists fairly if they don't have the right to determine the
> use/distribution/profit from their work.  

But is Napster a step up from the current system?  If what Steve Albini
(http://www.negativland.com/albini.html) and Courtney Love
(http://www.nettime.org/nettime.w3archive/200006/msg00098.html) says is
true, musicians aren't making any money off the CDs anyway. 

With the big record companies calling the shots, artists don't have a
prayer to determine use/distribution/profit from their work.  All the
control and all the money is in the hands of record companies.  Artists
don't have any control over use/distribution/profit right now because the
record companies do.  With Napster, they don't have any control because
those controls don't exist.  Which is worse? 

w/o napster = artists 0, record companies $$$$
w/ napster = artists 0, record companies 0


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