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<nettime> Post-napster resources

Never mind napster, just another .com failure. The phenomenon it
helped to create, though, is likely to last. Here's why:

## Gnutella:

Gnutella -

Surfy! Gnutella -
A web-based front end to searching the Gnutella network.

Gnutella for Macintosh -
Information site for Furi, a Java Gnutella client for the Macintosh and OS/2.

Mactella -  
Mac Client for Gnuttela

Gnutellanet -,
Zeropaid's "filesharing portal"

Gnu-World -
Links, downloads, message board and full explanations of Gnutella client
software features.

Gnutty -
A Gnutella news and information portal aimed at non-technical people as
well as programmers.

Beginners guide to Gnutella -
Five-step guide to using Gnutella client software.

## Other Systems:

Freenet -
Anonymous, decentralized filesharing

CuteMX -
Client to client media exchange program from the makers of CuteFTP.

FileFury -
Distributed file sharing with no central node.

FileSwap -
Allows users to search for and share mp3, video, images and other files, as
well as chat and messaging features.

Freebase file sharing community -
Freebase allows users to share any type of file. Instant messaging and
Gnutella compatability is currently being added.

FreeNet -
Distributed system for semi-privately storing documents.

iMesh -
User-to-user exchange community.

Konspire -
A searchable, distributed file sharing system with resumable file transfers.

Scour Exchange -
Napster-like for all formats

## Some perspective on the issues:

Andy Oram:  Gnutella and Freenet Represent True Technological Innovation

Andy Oram:  The Value of Gnutella and Freenet

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