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<nettime> Ars Electronica 2000 Program

Ars Electronica 2000
Sex in the Age of its Procreative Superfluousness
September 2-7, 2000
Linz, Austria (*)

(*) NOTE: For those who can't access this page because their provider
automatically censors the word "sex," Ars Electronica has set up the
following alternative URL:

Ars Electronica 2000 - 5th announcement



1. Events & Performances

2. Free Speech

3. Net-inspired digital Culture & Lifestyle

4. General Information

You're reading the fifth issue of the Ars Electronica newsletter, focusing
on Events & Performances, the Free Speech Camp and on Net-inspired digital
Culture & Lifestyle. Complete program information, short bios of the
artists and scientists, and a detailed description of the exhibitions and
installations can be found at

1. Events & Performances ....................................

Ars Electronica understands art as an interface, a source of stimulus, and
a catalyst for the interaction of the public with the world of science.
Ars Electronica also assigns art a place far beyond the role of moral
authority. The full-throttle intensity and dynamism with which art can
approach explosive issues make artistic encounter an ideal driving force
behind social discourse and social innovation.

In a packed schedule of events, installations, performances, exhibitions
and network projects, Ars Electronica 2000 will put this claim into
practice and enable art to fulfill its promise as a catalyst of social
development processes.

The line-up of (musical) performances and events, compressed into six Ars
Electronica Nights, will provide for exciting NEXT SEX artistic evenings.

Highlights include:

Opening Party - Ars Electronica 2000 September 2, 2000, Eishalle, 22:30
The motto NEXT SEX will be subjected to special artistic treatment and a
comedic once-over. Ice, a critically important medium for the preservation
of reproductive agents, is the essential element characterizing the
opening party's venue.

Night 2

OMV Klangpark 2000 - with Alexander Balanescu (UK), Isabella Bordoni (I),
Rupert Huber (A), Sergio Messina (I), Siegfried Ganhr (A), To Rococo Rot
(D) Opening: September 3, 2000, Donaupark, 20:00

Intercourse - The File Cabinet Project - Istvan Kantor (CDN) September 3,
2000, Brucknerhaus, 21:00 Machinery and raw emotion collide in this
performative encounter of the human body with its technological
enhancements; the filing cabinet as socio-sonic noise machine and
interactive sub-monument.

Night 3

Hearing Monkeys - Lawine Torren, Hubert Lepka (A) September 4, 2000,
Posthof, 19:00 In this conceptual ballet, five scientists investigate the
biologically-socially ambivalent construction of sex on the threshold of
the Biotech Age.

Night 4

Active Score Music
Scribble, Golan Levin (USA)
Small Fish Tale  - The Performance, Masaki Fujihata, Kiyoshi Furukawa,
Wolfgang Muench/D
September 5, 2000, Brucknerhaus, 20:00

The synesthetic bonding of sound and image is the central artistic motif
of this concert performance. Ars Electronica has invited the two artists
to premier their installations and software modules as digital media

D.A.V.E. - Klaus Obermaier, Chris Haring (A)
September 5, 2000, Brucknerhaus, 21:30
A dancer as a virtual character switches effortlessly between
young-old-male-female, distorting and reforming his/her body. D.A.V.E.
takes a close look at the manipulation and redesign of the human body via
biotech, genetic engineering and computer technology.

Night 5

Ars Electronica Quarter Night
audio visual quicksand 
Bernhard Fleischmann/A, POLE/D, GRAMM/D
6. 9. 2000, 20:00 - 22:30, open air, Ars Electronica Quarter
from 22:30, Ars Electronica Center, Sky Medialoft    
A.V.Q.'s listeners will slowly sink into the capriciously shifting
underground of visual stimuli and endless waves of sound. Performers
including video artists, DJs and live acts from Austria and abroad will
provide the unstructured, driving audio-visual underground, and Jomasounds
will supply the accompanying survival manual. (audio concept:
jomasounds/A; visual concept: Dietmar Offenhuber/A)

Night 6
20' to 2000 - Concept: Carsten Nicolai (D) - Golden Nica Digital Musics
September 7, 2000, Posthof, 21:00
Current goings-on in the musical domain between techno-club and
experimental digital music, featuring performances by the 12 artists who
collaborated on the prize-winning project. With: Komet/D, Ilpo
Vaisanen/SF, Ryoji Ikeda/J, coH/RUS, Beytone/D, Senking/D, Thomas
Brinkmann/D, Scanner/UK, Noto/D, Mika Vainio/SF, Wolfgang Voigt/D, Elph/UK

Body Spin - Time's Up/A
3.-7. 9. 2000, Ars Electronica Quarter - Parkbucht, 10.00 - 19.00 
Body Spin is an interface (SPIN) that allows users to enter a VR
environment with their entire bodies. A "walkable" trackball finally gives
real meaning to the term "walk-through." The users' own bodily motion and
balance in the trackball serve as the means of navigation in virtual

2. Free Speech

Over the course of the emancipation of civil society - an issue of
tremendous international relevance and one that is of particular interest
in Austria in light of that country's current political situation - the
discourse surrounding free speech has increasingly focused on access to
and the independence of the media. The Free Speech and Open Source
Movement that is actively involved in this controversial area is making
key contributions to debates concerning censorship and democracy as well
as software. Concept: Radio FRO/A.

Free Speech Round Up 
Sunday, September 3, 2000, 18:00 - 20:00 
Ars Electronica Center - Sky Medialoft 
Participants: Pit Schultz, Konrad Becker, Thomas Lehner, Rafael

Free Speech Camp 
Radio FRO 105.0 MHZ - 
September 3 - 7, 2000, 13:00 - 20:00 
Ars Electronica Quarter

3. Net-inspired digital Culture & Lifestyle

Network art has already been among the chief focuses of Ars Electronica
for a number of years now. In light of the increasing importance of this
area of artistic activity, Ars Electronica 2000 has come up with some new
presentation formats and event concepts featuring net-inspired digital
Culture & Lifestyle: openX - electrolobby.

electrolobby I.P.O. (Initial Public Opening) 
September 2, 2000, Brucknerhaus, 14:00 - 17:00
An intoxicating mix of personalities and information, food and sound, and
hacks and chats.
The Electrolobby Initial Public Opening launches a series of
project-related competitions, and delivers a sneak preview of the daily
program modules featured in the electrolobby showroom.

openX - electrolobby
September 2-7, 2000, Brucknerhaus, 10:00 - 19:00
Showroom for net-inspired digital culture

Following the Initial Public Opening, electrolobby will harbor an
archipelago of net-inspired lifestyles: a marketplace of opinions,
projects, branded cultural commodities and their pirated bootlegs-a venue
in which genetic researchers meet experimental entertainers, food jockeys
mingle with MP3 mixers, game designers kibitz with concept engineers...

openX-electrolobby will focus on the bold strategies being spawned in the
white heat of social, economic and cultural transformation, which are
rapidly overhauling global computer networks. Generations X, Y and Z will
come together in full confidence and share the challenges, conflicts, and
opportunities faced in this, the very top-level domain of life.

Monotonik/UK - One of the hottest Internet music labels in the area of
ambient IDM-Techno and Dope Beats. With: Lackluster (aka Distance), Subi,
Vim!, Thug (aka Serkul), Dharma+Dice, Sushi Brother, Jiva, and others. The
Free Software Project/USA - A blend of cutting edge online journalism and
the Open Source Way of Life, with continual feedback from major
protagonists on the digital stage. With: Andrew Leonard Pixelporno/CH/USA
- An ensemble of projects centered on voyeuristic network technology, sex
confusion, and the nagging problem of designer babies. With: Stylo,
Steeph1, Wale, Lopetz and others. etoy/EU/USA - etoy establishes bridges
between business culture and consumer culture, between power and
subversion, beyond good and evil. With: etoy.ZAI (CEO), etoy.GRAMAZIO
(President), agent.NASDAQ aka Reinhold Grether Memepool/USA - One of the
most prominent examples of the new generation of collaborative data
filtering (weblogging). With: Joshua Schachter Next Sex Web Jam/F/I/J - A
crack team of International designers has just 36 hours and a mission:
programming the ultimate Next Sex web portal. With: Sebastien 'Seb'
Kochman, Tony 'Chick' Derbomez, Sebastien 'Jolls' Giuli, Guillaume 'Run'
Renard, Olivier Janin and others, in association with Shift (Japan)
Boombox/CH - The collective of networkers, designers, promoters, DJs, VJs
and food jockeys is a prime example of the reciprocal relationship between
club culture and Internet culture. With: Mouthwatering, Micromusic, Bro
Destruct, Stocktown, Dublab and others. Sissy Fight 2000/USA - An online
multi-user game faces the problem of coming up with promising strategies
in the age of evolutionary biology. With: Eric Zimmerman Icontown/D - An
unusual network community project based on the concept of the pixel as
building material. With: Mayor Be aka Bernd Holzhausen Leonardo/F/USA -
Leonardo, an artistic and scientific network that has existed for over 30
years has been slapped with a lawsuit by a French financial firm claiming
violation of its trademark rights. With: Annick Bureaud Distributed
Annotation System/USA - A program for the publication of genome data,
based on the controversial Napster technology. With: Lincoln Stein - The prime time independent media manufacturer has targeted
cheap, portable consumer electronics as a vehicle for communicating within
the subculture. With: lo-ser (aka Chris Kummerer) Giant Connection
Machine/UK - A series of micro-DJ lectures about mutations in electronic
music, media theory and science fiction. With: Kodwo Eshun

Concept and program: TNC Network/F (Tina Cassani, Bruno Beusch),
Spatial design: Scott Ritter/USA/A

4. General information

The Ars Electronica Festival staff offers comprehensive visitors' services
for festival guests. At our online service page, you'll find answers to
your questions concerning:

* ticket prices and booking information,
* hotel reservation service(including moderately-priced youth  
  hostel accommodations),
* a city map with a detailed description of festival venues, and
* contact addresses.

For more details please go to

Our Hotel Booking Service can be found at

Tickets Reservation & Information at

Ars Electronica 2000:

Organization: Ars Electronica Center Linz and ORF - Upper Austria Regional
Co-organizers: Brucknerhaus Linz, O.K. - Center for Contemporary Art

Sponsors and Partners
Creditanstalt, Compaq, Gericom, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft,
Oesterreichische Brauunion, Oracle, Quelle, SGI, Siemens AG, Telekom
Austria AG, Porsche Austria.

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