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Re: <nettime> Taking Pills

>  in the end, taking pills is like
>  putting a straightjacket on your
>  mind-body. it puts a limit to
>  thinking, to feeling, to emotion,
>  to inquiry. it stifles the fire,
>  the desire that drives discovery,
>  innovation, revolution, love. it
>  mummifies those who do not conform,
>  entombing them in their own worlds
>  of supposed fantasy. it sanctions
>  a class-war of the sane and normal
>  versus the dangerously insane. the
>  state is God, and the psychiatrist
>  is the parent. mommy-daddy-me.

mind-body till ? to take neurotransmettor/spiritual adjuvant is also
imagined a material deal is possible with the metaphysic, and how could be
your matephysic, straightjacket on your mindbody could be a just an only a
camisole chimique if you don't beleive such an idiocy of mind body, but
others could assure some materials could be real support to sheer
spiritual one. but what make ordinary and naturaly your brain as a
sublimation of material or not is here not your technical question cause
you speak about politic no ? good politic is alway a salvation
engeeniring, but salvation ingeenering is always according to current
standard : what about middle age ones ? an economy of salvation of soul,
and what about the foucault's grand enfermement ?  a relay economy by a
nation-state : befor salvation of its soul which is kept as final purpose
all bodies have duty to state, work, familly blabla so the duty of
individual to preserve its usable integrity, its health. And soon
rationalism will render to individual the only consensual rational
positive salvation : to live the longer as possible. to take pills
frighten not because the one who takes pill could be weak, but because the
current salvation economy could be bad, and who sap surch a consensus is a
treator, there is no admitted courage in treacherousness in any religion
or metaphysic, even in hegel

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