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<nettime> hacktivistas

Poorly translated, using Altavista's Babelfish:

Brave Eli

Ricardo Dom'nguez is a terrorist who in advance announces his attacks and
that act by own account in their virtual scene. He does not matter to him
that they call it to hacker, although prefers the hacktivista title. In
the cybernetic world this has its differences: hacker is able to loosen a
virus that colapse the computers of the planet. The hacktivista is
concentrated in governmental or enterprise objectives to urge a boycott,
the digital civil disobedience or to summon a ciberespecial meeting. Pure
activism, via Internet.

For this descendant of Mexican, the network is a space of absolute freedom
where it is possible to orchestrate a political and social fight. Through
his organization The Electronic Disturbance Theater one has infiltrated in
the virtual sites of the PRI, the Pentagon and even stock-market of
Frankfurt. This way they have flooded of messages its victims, it has
altered the contents of its pages and has erased information of the
archives. Its objective: to urge manifestations and the pacific
disobedience to fight to the powerful ones, a work inspired by Ghandi and
Martin Luther King Jr. ' hackers sometimes is young fools who make
disasters from their computers because they have the tools for hacerl-,
she said to Dom'nguez from New York ' we to us we were based on an
ideology, in plan'.

In Latin America, Mexico is one of the countries with more hacktivistas.
One of the most famous groups is X-Ploit Team, they have put in the
archives of the Aztec Senate to extract the telephone agendas of the
parliamentarians and have published these numbers in other pages. They
even vanaglorian themselves of to have revealed the pornos sites that
visit the senators. Its objective, according to its members: ' to mention
the mother to him to the government, who everybody knows it and that they
worry about ell-. If the Chacal were active, perhaps these cuates would be
their allies.

The first attacks of hacktivistas go back to 1995, when a group of
self-appointed cybernauts Strano Network attacked different sites from the
French government in protest by the nuclear experiments of the Gallic
country. Since then the groups are many that have managed to call the
attention of the world with their actions. The propaganda has in Internet
a freeway, that when being combined with other traditional means, is able
to affect the decision making and the policies of the groups of being

Spies, terrorists or activists, these groups of cybernauts put in check
the apparent solidity of the Internet. In spite of encriptados
legislations, messages and the efforts of the intelligence agencies, these
hacktivistas move with absolute freedom through the network using itself
the anonymity and its technical knowledge. The blow gives it at a
distance, their arms are relatively economic machines, their actions leave
few tracks. If the Internet democratiz- the information, also put the
political activism within reach of all. No longer it is necessary to
declare to the doors of the presidential palace, now is possible to
demolish his walls with click.

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jonathan prince
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   washington dc

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