Kenji Siratori on 4 Sep 2000 19:33:39 -0000

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<nettime> hardcore

Kenji Siratori

Our chromosome form insanity!  Drag embryo inorganic substance [笑] during
your suicide code....soul-machine of invasion brain 1/8 of the emotional
world chaos of a de proliferation Tyre---cold-blooded disease our so
substance without...., it is the escape of a synapse!  The murder memory of
the artificial sun....she eternal trace/ ADAM doll that the gene war/ pupil
that was turned hypertext do a short is infectious.  [The conquest mode of
internal organ consciousness.  Cyber dog of thyroid that joints
in a/the cadaver city/....God of et cetera! /

 [滅]....M....0880....machine=angel is the worst melody of the
organ that disappeared!  ....It is [悲] machine de escape Tyre. sky that her
I replication storage criminal---  pupil records the artificial sun.
ADAM doll is aerofoil raw insanity!    Ant of planetary that was
received by our murderous brain....' it is the emotion of ANDROID: that did
a digital vampto the love consciousness massacre that the form clone boys of
HEAVEN-noise../fear=cell record respiration dash!  ?  Your desire pupil
disillusionment area--....parasitism that an artificial....murder person
dreamed of....and beat machine=angel we who blossomed in asphalt be

It is break down although it is external the control of clone boys×"B" of
cadaver city shut down was turning our deoxyribonucleic acid channel in
the girl gimmick....darkness of the soul-machine that was cut the anti
noise ADAM doll of self proliferation it is memory....stick replication/
off furthermore, 1/8 of insanity that gradually commit suicide so!  
LEVELDOWN our fear sbj idles "drag embryo of internal organ consciousness
to awoke medium wa? the the the that that --It is the gel form love---I =
escape group....cyberBuddha....soul-machine camouflage [結] node that is
in an occurrence stage.  Vital brain universe line [繋] vaio....((0
impregnation code Desert heat loss!  The ghosts of cyber dog [壊] letter
critical point judo madness Tyre........guilty nick love] dissection
detestation×acceleration Tyre XX channel cut Tyre of [迷] electron space
inside de I gene learning.  TOKAGE....I pupil light [閉] gimmick girl
hearing varnish cancer [迷] "the internal organ consciousness of the drag
embryo # # # that explodes "storage [引] [換] !

It is <control external invasion> "I [眠] cadaver city internal organ
consciousness awakening machine dash Tyre machine parasitism ANDROID last
term=soul-machine except for the stick machines of the escape placenta world
to the MEAT-eleven XX ruin that is covered blood and the boundless brain of
that planetary/ ADAM doll do the insanity of the fresh meat of an artificial
ant LOAD.  It does the speed nightmare memory [吸] blood of the clone boys
that the body/OKAMA of ANDROID that exploded....code commit suicide do the
rhythm of drag motion///ruin electron space×0880....ADAM doll be
parasitic/it is fractal. of the storage that resolves the paranoia of the
world cadaver mechanism that your jungle techno pop girl A went
inoculates it....the murder proof of cold-blooded disease animals
long as our consciousness becomes asphalt....the sleep of TOKAGE tempt)) the
miracle of the artificial ant that was break down to 0 of circulation,

      Rhythm and murder

Heaven'×the brain of s-bomb/our....angel mechanism be SEX- of artificial
sun....  ANDROID of inside of the melody that does the inorganic substance
amount of the murder puzzle....homosexual sexual deoxyribonucleic acid
channel....gimmick girl of the cosmology of the drag embryo that resolves
the gravity of a chromosome a fuck!  Dog like which break down our
fabrication....the cadaver/wild fancy is canceled....logic
asphalt........(our machinery reproduction) the world of or cadaver city
inputs a lonely gene war! God of et cetera.... Our machine=angel does the
grotesque a/the short.... Fear=cell of an ADAM doll....gimmick
links hyper....[the cyber axis of the murder of the fabrication.... of God
of et cetera!/ it is rhinoceros bar life support!  Body fluid like drag
I....LEVEL0/our TOKAGE of rep... [heart] that her "eternity" was done LOAD


....It is the milk of battle [慄] that the cold-blooded disease gene vampire of the artificial sun which we become the madman
of speed control.  Drag embryo of/ the murder region/ pill form particle
does the body fluid that we were scanned desire. )) It is does your insanity medium body of a chromosome and the
ANDROID air/the rep... death that is parasitic on our soul-machine on an
angel mechanism uglily, with the synapse of the desire that inputs
it....I] be disillusioned [ is the original form of our dog!  ?  
....Artificial ants of all obj junk do, tough gay wa
recovery impossible ADAM doll/ ....eternity obj rape to? an and "....We
are the eleven. [狂] reproduction clone record Tyre planetary murderous
intention TOKAGE asphalt pleasure [求] cadaver city escape Tyre oxygen,
silicone, suspected life that write off the miracle with the love of
TOKAGE!  ?  ....Meditation. of cyberBuddha. [a machine=angel gradually
break down our ADAM doll.... The apoptosis reproduction of a
machine=angel is write off/ the nightmare of the amniotic fluid mechanism
that our machinery desire spreads in the LOAD murder person/cadaver city
of the [狂] eternal....rep.......massacre=....memory-zero=function where
erodes reality be silicone of a brain cell!  The hatred of silly
awakening=area....GIGA of the artificial sun contaminates it/ an I impure
murderous dashes it....proliferate the speed that a
drag embryo was paralyzed!  I love was transplanted like the
body, skizo, condom,....  asphalt that send and was done the coma of the
clone boys that operates <the second> of death a gene like ANDROID-the
gimmick girl///malice [持] infant nature of the access-0 bite-- It does
mechanical margin of desire×the cadaver city-software of the brain/ drag
embryo that does it the [吸] blood of artificial sun....ANDROID of a
cold-blooded disease hearing does [沈潜] to the murderous intention that
was made forced our LOAD/ it is the season of the apoptosis!  I have a
foreboding the puzzle internal organ consciousness....crash of gimmick
girl....emotional....we, dogs/ to the body without our nightmare--vaiomode
of the amniotic fluid mechanism. It rushes....  subcutaneous
fat×out-side. you of a desert your emotional rep... and trip....grotesque
gene that our ADAM doll zero icon nude future shut down /annihilate! >>
The security that was done the visual hallucination of the soul-machine
that joints. The love that does all of our genes the nerve fiber.... XX
love [忘] letter I machine=angel....internal organ consciousness!  ?
....[Artificial sun LOAD Tyre. program cancellation Tyre The mental
camouflage/our "the eternity" that an ADAM doll does noise respires this
cadaver city....gene=TV we who the murder impossible body/the brain
universes of clone boys disunites in the over there of the pupil an era
escape to the love/ digital that is the insanity medium of
the drag embryo!  ....It is the techno pop acoustics of planetary/ sleep
of the ant that does your soul-machine a fuck!  ?  The pupil of
machine=angel........of solitude our gathers the internal organ
consciousness of a dog....S/EX that does insanity [受] meat, the
deoxyribonucleic acid channel the ghetto with the hatred of the genetic
engineering of a machine=angel it is the rhythm of the murder like
ANDROID! Clone boys downloaded the [悲] brown spot of cyber @-it is a
channel.  The placenta medium world of the [吸] blood chromosome is
engraved to the right brain of a drag embryo.... FUCKNAM...." our asphalt
of the cadaver city are flooded..a [悲] brown spot=body--

    Internal organ consciousness of a drag embryo explodes & & & Mental
our ANDROID....  Cold-blooded disease does the body of an ant the junk..]]]]

                                          Love of a desert
  ....The pupil of the ADAM doll that was restrained fears........ (God of
the heart et cetera of grief! the=pituitary
    A drag embryo break down it/ a drag embryo stores the murder in the
last term/ the murderous intention does our gimmick state....silicone
where [吸] blood chromosome....girl/of goes mad [伸縮]!  ?....It does
the nude genetic engineering of keloid crime, clone boys~terror <be not eternal>....rep... [heart] of as--it is the rhythm
that the hearing of the fear and the acme resuscitate so.  Bird..the
internal organ consciousness of the dog that broke//an ADAM doll stalls to
the insanity of the [吸] blood chromosome it is the silicone....  [緩]
blood restraint........junction of fear so.  .... [僕] [擬似生命]
that eternity forgets A fear=cell. Gimmick girl of rep... [heart] of which
your death awoke instantaneously as....I awoke-our form of the name space/
disillusionment that idles to out put gene war..../our deoxyribonucleic
acid channels of clone boys to eternal death so is rendered....a
machine=angel beats like our.... absent/HUCK of the [悲] brown spot!  
And the ANDROID XX anus cut I thinking instantaneous empty dash Tyre HDD
[剥] [取] clone---scream that our asphalt inoculated the desire of the
cadaver mechanism of a virus be the asphyxia condition which does not
sleep The [吸] blood chromosome was inputted to our storage/ so the
melody of the cold-blooded disease of the insanity bite....ADAM doll of an
artificial of ANDROID that our immortality
disperses is the mechanism that I record the [悲] brown spot body of the
suspected vital....machine=angel of desire=silicone] the gimmick of the
love that was jointed noise!  Fear=cell of which accelerates TV of our
FUCK-amplitude modulation nerve....the fertilization gear of the
chaos....artificial sun that was restrained/it is <a prisoner>.

    [壊] escape Tyre 8 Roentgen equivalent physical-LOVE

          !  Drag embryo of

It does the murder of a machine=angel....the opening fertilization control
external=....I soul-machine cadaver city world/our acceleration Tyre clone
boy link Tyre reproduction×OUTPUT XX pupil of the artificial sun that
does it DIVE to the skin tissue/ of TOKAGE} the brain of our screen LOAD
betrayed the eternity that does [cadaver] LOAD-it is impossible the
sending of the apoptosis universe/ body fluid of an artificial ant.  ]
Nano machine Gene=TV clone boys who the clone boys who ANDROID of the
awakening immortality of our gel form beat, reproduces our
fear=cell was ill-treated were able to cause to sleep of
replication/ ....machine mechanism of our lonely/ the murderous solitude
of the internal organ consciousness surrenders//////....our
machine=angel=restraint] of [escape=that commits suicide soft what Love of
a cyber dog....

The desire or murder memory of the immortality of the ADAM doll that do
the external control of our machinery inheritance,....[吸] blood
chromosome hearing accelerates] is the soul-machine like
the artificial sun!  ? It did to the deoxyribonucleic acid channel of a
fear=cell [沈潜]-it is the brain of clone boys.  The lobotomy miracle of
the dog that disappears (our rep... [heart])!  --It is the fear=cell in
the pupil! The LOAD=body like the dog of the ADAM doll that joints the
murderous code of OKAMA/ nightmare, of the amniotic fluid mechanism that
proliferates........"a gene war and it is our body".  Of artificial sun
heat quantity that impossible to raped the soul-machines of clone boys-it
is the love of asphalt!  ? It does the mimicry of TOKAGE a mode....the
murder fabrication of an artificial ant/ so our [悲] brown spot
inside=ANDROID commits suicide=the brain like our cadaver city does noise]
an understanding impossible medium=the body of girl/that was recovered.  
Rebel of nocode. desire C-- Our sex machine evolves to the digital
restraint=machine of an ADAM doll×the derangement of SUCK mental is the William Blake beat of the [吸] blood chromosome
so!  During [眠] that the brain, that was received to our psychedelic
murder the artificial sun the biotechnology less rhythm of the hatred=gene
war!  ....Inside the insanity medium of an artificial ant........[the
machinery beat of the biotechnology less escape/ clone boys of the [吸]
blood chromosome/ the murderous intention that artificial sun of terror
happy, ANDROID accelerates....our asphalt....cadaver city that was stored
does rhythm cold-blooded disease animals of....the pleasure of the dog
that an eternal semiconductor target=love×desert does to our rep...
[heart] LOAD/ it is the grief=body that was inputted. RAVE of the LEVEL0
lonely masses of flesh that does not sleep clone boys of who it was
outputted........electronic brain soul-machine of escape dog which
artificial sun was turned our cadaver city nightmare....body×HTML that
were controlled and were code were commit suicide! God of the et cetera
that rapes the insanity medium of the paradise artificial ant that was
shut be the roentgen equivalent physical-LOVE receiving device!  ?
Season....artery of that is love the asphalt that disappears dances or be
restrained cold-blooded disease animals makes the modem heart of
an ADAM doll....I record the XX HYPe-gene war that the world is
ill-treated the hand so our rep... with dog like...."

It <amplify> it.

....The murder memory of the space/ clone boys of the gene that does it
our hyper medium transformer your murderous intention that was inputted
gel form link, of the fear=cell that explodes it is the body fluid/our
control external artificial sun that did the mimicry of the ADAM doll that
accelerates to digital.  And a cadaver, of
emotional,....the drag embryo grieves over=the suffering fiber/ lobotomy
of body ANDROID, the silicon chip of the massacre--the love that the [悲]
body of the dog that circulates be replicated our machine=angel/ previous
murder circuit dismantles the medium of the is the
derangement of zero!  ?  Vision, that went to ruin with impossible of the
ADAM doll that be parasitic on the external control of the explosion/
saint of the pot that the planet of our ant does a short to the
foolishness=intelligence of the quantum....of the artificial sun that
lonely soul-machine was murdered!  The inorganic substance relation (the
clone skin) of desire.  --The gray world....the brain without our
despair....////it does a vamp[

Kenji Siratori
biography: It is a birthplace in 1975.
At present, it is making Japan a position.
The propelling device of the next generation vision.
I am devoting the work to" reality that was risked by  symbolic violence".

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