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<nettime> Sep04 - indyBULLETIN #3 from Melbourne


Please visit to
access the latest indyBULLETIN #3, documenting some stories related to the
World Economic Forum meeting build-up. This was paper-released on
September 04, 2000.

The indyBULLETIN, this issue 4 pages, is created by a small group of
people based in Melbourne and involved with 'alt' media stuff.

Some of the stories include:

         What is S11; Lie Company Exposed; Refugee Anger Overflows;
         Students Defy Prez to support S11;
         Friends of the Earth Banding together; Your Rights;
         New 'Shoot to Kill' Powers; What's going on; What is IndyMedia;

** Currently, we are seeking funds to do paper-based publications during
September 10 to September 14th. We want to do large runs and make this
Bulletin more accessible to people. If you can help financially, please
contact us via email. Thanks.

If you want to commuinicate with the indyBulletin Crew, contact them

Regards, indyBulletin Crew.

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