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<nettime> Applied Autonomy on a Spray / Ars Electronica

Applied Autonomy on a Spray
Linz, September 4th 2000

US based Institute for Applied Autonomy embarasses the electronic arts

IAA was the only one to address the political situation in Austria during
the Live-TV Prix Ars Electronica Gala and transferred the award to Public
Netbase and the Austrian resistance movement during the ceremony.

The intervention of the group caused considerable irritation while the
"GraffitiWriter" robotic device sprayed the URL of Public Netbase
www.t0.or.at on the stage in huge red letters.

The presenters who included a national anchorman (who lost his job in the
past for being too critical), were both stunned out of their routine for
several seconds before they tried to contain the situation.

A total blackout of the simultanaous translation turned into incoherent
gibberish after a while but that seems to have been less a case of
censorship than of complete helplessness in respect to this change of

Public Netbase will invite a jury that will hand out the award money to
the best resistance websites in Austria.


Award of Distinction for The Institute for Applied Autonomy (USA): 


The function of the remote-controlled "GraffitiWriter" consists of writing
graffiti texts at a speed of 15 km per hour on horizontal surfaces. In
addition to a smaller model the size of a remote-controlled model car, a
larger version has also been developed for jeeps. The texts written by the
robot can be entered directly by Internet users via Internet chat.

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