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<nettime> Senate Approved: Melbourne S11


A message from Australia - soon to be Call Centre HQ to serve China/Asia 

The World Economic Forum, an unelected bunch of corporate elites are 
meeting at the Crown Casino to discuss strategies to soften up politicians 
and peoples so they can push their profit making plans through.

Large scale protests are planned for the WEF - see www.s11.org

IndyMedia Melbourne (www.melbourne.indymedia.org) will be covering this event.

Already, there's many stories, including an interviews with Greens Senator 
and also a brief interview with Dr Vandana Shiva (full speech online later 

The Monsanta-claus action is available on realmedia also. Check it Out...


- Sam.

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an Alternative Australian history lesson?
check out www.oliv.com.au/foley/

Wanna be a journalist?

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