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Re: <nettime> draft article on WTO

Hi John B.

i haven't studied in depth your text yet, but just a first overview made me
think of the Agenda 21 document [Rio de Janeiro 92?] and the so called Aalborg
Charter [95?] where nations, cities and organizations from all the world agreed
in working for a sustainable -environmental and social- development, and then,
one to be designed following global guidelines but from the local end, and with
bottom-up participatory strategies: local councils reuniting all different
social agents, Local Agendas, etc

Many cities are already working in these directions all over the world -as far
as i know, in Spain, two good examples are Barcelona and Calviá -Majorca Island
/ Baleares.

hasta la victoria siempre! osfavelados

John Bunzl wrote:

> Please comment on the following draft article:
> Reform the WTO! - But where are the Ideas?

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