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Re: <nettime> draft article on WTO

I would agree with much of what David Teh said about the nature of

I consult for a small Internet startup with about 80 employees.  It is
incorporated but not public yet. The head of it wants to "do well by doing
good" but this will be tempered or delayed if the company is not meeting
the expectations of the investors.  All the board can agree with this
vague sentiment, but if the company does not perform, i.e. make progress
in a business sense, then they have to change the way it operates.

I talked to another senior executive who headed a couple of West Coast
software firms, and he said his own political or philanthropic or
philosophical views could not really change the corporation's needs and
goals --as Teh stated. Howver because corporations are chartered within a
nation, some groups have tried to change the charter to reflect their own
agenda, but I don't think this has succeeded.

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