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<nettime> corporate individualism

Shit, I know you're not supposed to be ironic or ambivalent over the net
but sometime's it's impossible not to be.

What I meant about Brian Caroll's text was:

a. there's an enormous, rich, complex history to the issues he's
discussing (from the 18th century revolutions to Marx to Polanyi)

b. that history's been wiped out of public consciousness for 20 years

c. his text is a nice sign that people are recovering what matters in that
history through common sense, which as another ironist said "is the most
widely shared thing in the world".

I think it's a good text, just wanted to add a few references.

As for Craig Borofsky's comment - "Yah, if only everything could be
rewound back to pre-1975 and the fall of the Bretton-Woods accords" -
well, it can't, and the most likely thing is a boom and a slump and a war,
but meanwhile there does happen to be a big political movement trying to
do something very differently, and maybe Caroll and a million other people
could be part of that.


Brian Holmes

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