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<nettime> Re: WTO treaties

     [orig To: Vignesh Kumar <>]

Dear trade friend,

It does fall to me, as representative of the World Trade
Organization, to inform you that the people of Malaysia are, 
indeed, of no real (i.e. non-financial) interest to the forces 
of global capital, and that a person, entrusted by the elites
of Malaysia with the daunting task of discovering, from us, the
"signatory" situation with regards to Malaysia, might better
spend his or her time discovering the ways that Malaysia might
actually be bettered, in people and in land, rather than 
scurrying to learn obscure details of this or that contract, 
which, as we know from long experience, will only be torn up 
anyhow at the least provocation or demonstration of (Malaysian) 

I hope that we have been helpful, and apologize for any concerns
you may have. If the World Trade Organization can further assist
you, please do not hesitate to speak loudly.

Michael Mogada-Harum Avenument

You wrote:
>>Dear Michael Mogada,
>I am afraid I have to tell you that you have still not
>answered my questions. I hope you would be kind to
>answer my questions rather than hitting around the
>bush. I am sure that it is not difficult for you to
>give a direct answer to my questions. 
>Your co-operation in this matter is highly
>Thanking you in advance and hope to receive a
>favourable reply.
>--- The World Trade Organization <> wrote:
>> Dear trade friend,

>> One of the benefits of my position as spokesperson for the
>> World Trade Organization is the contact it gives me with 
>> ordinary people from very ordinary countries like Malaysia.
>> On behalf of the World Trade Organization, I would like to 
>> thank you--and, by extension, Malaysia--for this opportunity
>> to share the breadth and depth of our contact with the
>> transparencies of international action.
>> Please be assured that Malaysia's interests are our own, and
>> it is not important to worry about each jot and tittle of
>> these various "treaties"--or as we prefer to call them, 
>> contracts. Things will work themselves out, as we like to
>> say, and Malaysia will be full frontal in the foreground
>> of that development.
>> Thank you.
>> Best,
>> Michael Mogada-Harum Avenument
>> You wrote:
>> >Dear Michael Mogada,
>> >
>> >Thank you for your reply.  Meanwhile I would still
>> >appreciate if you could enlighten me as to the list of
>> >treaties  signed by member states of WTO.
>> >
>> >Also please enlighten me as to the list of treaties
>> >where Malaysia is a signatory. I understand that
>> >Malaysia is a member of WTO and has some treaty
>> >obligations, particularly in relation to the service
>> >industry.
>> >
>> >Please reply to
>> >
>> >Thank you.
>> >
>> >--- The World Trade Organization <> wrote:
>> >> Dear trade friend,
>> >> 
>> >> Malaysia is not included in any WTO treaties. That is, while it is
>> >> mentioned in several, and a member of its elite has signed several,
>> >> the country itself is intended for the use of the *real* members of
>> >> the WTO, and is no more a real "signatory" to this behavior than a
>> >> cow is a "signatory" to its demise and dismemberment.
>> >> 
>> >> Not that Malaysia is a cow. Malaysia has an extraordinarily diverse
>> >> set of cultures, and dozens of languages each with many variations
>> >> and its own oral literature stretching back into dark antiquity.
>> >> Many philosophies, cosmologies, religions, and ways of tackling the
>> >> deepest challenges of life have seen light in Malaysia over the
>> >> millenia since its modern history began. Some of these systems have
>> >> equalled or surpassed anything the West has invented.
>> >> 
>> >> However, for the purposes of use by and influence on the WTO,
>> >> and only in this sense, Malaysia is just a cow.
>> >> 
>> >> Best,
>> >> Michael Mogada-Harum Avenument
>> >> 
>> >> You wrote:
>> >> >I would be much obliged if you could enlighten me as
>> >> >to the list of treaties signed by member states of >WTO.
>> >> >
>> >> >Also please enlighten me the list of treaties where
>> >> >Malaysia is a signatory.
>> >> >
>> >> >Please reply to
>> >> >
>> >> >Thank you.

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