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letz b!o.zkulpt

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Subject: RE: [idm] m9ndfukc
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:54:13 -0500 (CDT)
From: Josh Davison <>
To: Ryan Pulley <>

the following link will completely fuck your computer, so don't even think
of clicking on it until you have saved everything, installed a real
operating system (read: not Windows or MacOS) and maybe even called your
mommy first...  

that said, it's an awesome ride.  click it.  but i warned you.

anyway this f1f0 chap (or antiorp or Netochka Nezvanova or any other alias
he-she-it-them go by online) has turned rogue software into a Fine Art.
The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of a piece of software is *supposed* to
create a transparent user experience by providing a set of easily
understood metaphors that are implemented consistently and universally.
The user knows that moving the scrollbar will cause a window to scroll,
and clicking a button will cause some other function to execute.  f1f0's
software takes the opposite approach.  Important functions are obsucred
beyond recognition.  Buttons that do nothing are given prime GUI
real-estate.  Control of the mouse is wrestled from the user and used to
draw fancy geometric patterns on the screen.  

I purchased a sound generation/manipulation program called b!257+!2 from
f1f0/antiorp. There is a region of the UI that pops up an "about box,"
standard operating procedure for a lot of software.  What's different
about this program is that the entire time you are reading the credits for
the software, the program is busy creating empty Font Suitcases with
titles taken from random snippets of C++ code and dumping them in the
application directory.  The user quits the program to find that well over
500 new documents have been created and started hogging up the Finder's
resources...  The amount of trust one places in the creator of a piece of
software immediately becomes apparent when you consider how easily
f1f0/antiorp could have ruthlessly fucked your system rather than just
dumping a few files into one directory...  

anyway, he/she/they also create a program called "NATO" which is the
end-all for real-time Quicktime manipulation/editing/ruthless-fuckery ...
it costs around $800 so i haven't picked it up quite yet but i have seen
it in action, it's pretty toot sweet.

so troll the newsgroups for this mo-fo and click those links ... but
beware :)

String Theory : Digital Music for Humans

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Ryan Pulley wrote:

> Tell me more!! Damn...
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> From: Josh Davison []
> Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 9:57 PM
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> Subject: Re: [idm] m9ndfukc
> this antiorp/m9ndfukc/f1f0 person/organization/entity is amazing. i bought
> one of their software products and it is the most obnoxious app i have
> ever had the pleasure of running.  talk about using the User Interface
> against the user ... sheer genius and quite a statement of just how much
> one's own computer can be used against one.  also visiting any of their
> web-sites (they seem to change often) is always a rare treat ... i have
> never seen a java applet used to completely render a machine useless in
> quite such a beautiful way. 

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