Aleksandar Gubas on 20 Sep 2000 18:44:25 -0000

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<nettime> I miss the announcer

-------t byfield wrote:
the announcer, which was becoming a *huge* burden (several hours a week)
hasn't appeared for a while now, yet NOT ONE person has remarked this

* * * Yeah, I've noticed it, but I was too lazy to compose the mesage
about that. :-)

we're doing what we can to simplify it in order to bring it back, but
the silence has made us wonder if any-one bothers reading it at all.

* * * I was using to check the announcer, looking for any interesting
announcements and calls for this and that. I myself found the announcer
useful. But, having some similar experiences in my practice, I really
believe that it was very bothering for you to pack all those messages
together into the announcer.

So, what are your plans with the announcer? Need a man to help you? ;-)
Aleksandar Gubas


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