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                         July 2000
 doppio-parallelo ... popular and radical ... performance-
      ...critical debate... laboratories ... community

Winter  has come upon us. Snuggle up with a warm  glass  of
wine and catch up on what we've been up to in the last  six

Stop press! Stop press! Stop press! Stop press! Stop press!
                        Stop press!

The  Last Child will be showcased at the 11th Sydney Spring
International  New  Music Festival in August.  The  Company
will be performing in The Studio of the Sydney Opera House

Stop press! Stop press! Stop press! Stop press! Stop press!
                        Stop press!

18:30 hours  08:12:99    Pulcinellas Invade the Green Olive

It's  all  happening underground at Citrus  and  The  Green
Olive Ristorante. The infamous and loveable Pulcinellas are
serenading our guests with songs of love, food and ... lots
of  champagne. This special Pulcinella Club launch is  lots
of  fun. Thanks to Citrus & The Green Olive Ristorante  for
the  delicious 'al fresco' meals. Welcome to  all  our  new
Friends and sponsors!

Revived from Fest West Celebrations, the Pulcinella's  have
also  been seen stuffing olives with Rosa Matto at  Carrick
Hill's annual Olive Festival ... now roaming the streets of
Adelaide  thanks to the financial support of  the  City  of
Adelaide.   This  travelling  troupe  has   also   embraced
(literally!) audiences at the Central Market, Rundle  Mall,
National  Youth Week and the recent Festa della  Repubblica
held at Le Marche Club by the Council for Italians Abroad.

09:00 hours 18:01:00                           Welcome Noni

New  staff  member, Noni Watts  enters the office  for  her
first   day  at  work.  Noni  has  replaced  Yati  as   the
Administration Officer. It's time to learn  new  faces  and
new names!

18:00  hours 28:02:00             Jamming at the Cargo Club

The  weather is hot and steamy which raises the temperature
in  the upper level of the Cargo Club. Tao is sweeping  the
floor,  Richard is tidying and levelling the sand, and  the
musicians  are  tuning their instruments. Noni  is  folding
paper fans to keep the performers and audience members cool
and Peter is sweating profusely over the lighting with ger(-
)manic  muttering. Its performance time of "The Last Child"
and everyone is excited.

Audience  feedback:  "It's raw and emotional";  "Libby  was
amazing,  she's  a  diva.  It was great  to  see  musicians
constantly feed off each other"; "I like seeing people  get
shaken up artistically. I liked the fact that when you  sat
down you didnOt know what to expect".

There  were  mixed reactions from audience members  towards
the  work. It seems they either loved the work or hated it!
All  in all, ticket sales were a success and we managed  to
double our expected box office income as people squashed in
like sardines to watch the performances.

15:45 hours   28:02:00     Presenting Australia's Diversity

The  Australian Performing Arts Market arrives in  Adelaide
again.  There  are  so  many people attending  this  event;
producers, performers, directors, artists and promoters. It
was  interesting for Serafina and Noni to  meet  and  speak
with so many people from different companies and countries.

13:00 hours     18:05:00                         Flight IAI

There is movement within the Italian Community. People  are
talking,  discussing the future and looking  at  the  past.
Teresa is part of a forum with Melina Marchetta, Anna Maria
Dell'oso  and Maria Pallotta Chiarolli. It's the  inaugural
meeting of the Italian Australian Institute.

11:00 hours     03:06:00                Tracks to Singapore

It's  hot  at Clifford Pier, Singapore. The performers  are
drinking  copious  amounts  of water  and  eating  tropical
fruits  in the makeshift dressing room which doubles  as  a
shop  front.  They  have  just finished  a  performance  of
'Tracking Time' and are about to go on stage again. We have
read  a  review in the  Singapore Business Times describing
the  performance  as,  'Interesting, weird,  harrowing  but
extremely  enjoyable ... One was constantly  kept  on  edge
during  the performance. From the haunting soprano  of  the
tramp  to  the  lilting  song  of  the  business  man,  the
electrified air of tension never let up".

Tonight  we  will be taking out for drinks the  six  visual
artists,  Tang  Mun  Kit,  Tan Teng  Khoon,  Margaret  Tan,
Lawrence   Tio,  Helen  Lindon  and  Tay   Bee   Aye,   who
collaborated  with  us  and  designer  James  Coulter,   to
contribute to the performance installation.

17:00 hours     06:06:00                     Benvenuta Rita

What  a  bundle  of  energy! We welcome  Rita  as  the  new
Travelling  Pulcinella Troupe Manager ...  she's  eager  to
take your calls for bookings!


Our new online work focussing on the notion of distance.
Special  forums  and  workshops to be held  during  October
looking at sound technologies in performance.

DO YOU KNOW..........

.... an Italian waiter or waitress who has a story to tell?
They  may have a story that makes the next doppio-parallelo
production. Please contact us on (08) 8231 0070.

Who's Who

Richard:       Richard Seidel, Performer - 'The Last Child'.

Peter:         Peter  Heydrich,  Company  and  Operations

Tao:           Tao  Millar,  Stage  Manager  -  'The  Last

Libby:         Libby  O'Donovan,  Vocalist  -  'The   Last

Serafina:      Serafina Maria Maiorano,
               Communications and Business Manager.

Noni:          Noni Watts, Administration Officer.

Teresa:        Teresa Crea, Creative Director.

James:         James Coulter, Designer / Visual Artist  for

Rita:          Rita  Palumbo,  Travelling  Pulcinella
               Troupe Manager.


Doppio   Teatro   Inc  is  assisted  by  the   Commonwealth
Government  through the Australia Council arts funding  and
advisory  body  and  by  the  South  Australian  Government
through Arts SA.

We thank them for their belief in the company.

Thanks also to the Adelaide City Council & Cargo Club.

We  take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks  to
our new and ongoing sponsors who
share our vision and commitment to creativity.

* The  City  of  Adelaide      * Sony  Australia
* Grenfell Hi-Fi               * Internode Professional Access
* Media Resource Centre        * dB Magazine            
* Gannon Group                 * Booze Brothers
* Ascolive                     * Chemplus
* Flowers of Adelaide          * Adelaide Colour 
* Sonique Audio                * MacMedia Australia      
* Ngapartji Multimedia Centre
* Adelaide University's Performing Arts & Technology Unit
* Madame Josephine Hair & Beauty Therapists .

                  A presto ... ciao, ciao

   Parallelo is a registered name of Doppio Teatro Inc.

PO Box 8077
Station Arcade
South Australia 5000

Telephone: (08) 8231 0070
Facsimile: (08) 8211 7323

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