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<nettime> the people's project newletter 1

newsletter 1 - 21.09.2000

1 - the 'ahornblatt' ('maple leaf')

the 'ahornblatt' in berlin has been demolished. this monument of modernist
gdr-architecture, by the architect ulrich muether, that was built in the
years 1971-1973, was sacrificed to economic profit. a photograph of the
demolition work can be viewed at

2 - schlossplatz

victor kegli and filomeno fusco placed 104 siemens washing machines in
front of the palace of the republic, and for four weeks they transformed
this square into the largest laundrette of the city. everybody can launder
their washing from the traces of history at weiss104. additionally, this
laundrette is certainly more communicative than the others and also free
of charge! further information under <>.

3 - campaign

we have a problem! - we have a problem in germany! - we have a problem in
germany with racism! our next project will be an artistic campaign against
racist violence, because we want to counteract what at present happens in
germany. even in this area, art will be able to achieve something: an art
that is open-minded and tolerant, and that symbolises cultural pluralism.
for this project we are gathering a small group of artists to meet, who
together with advertising people, scientists and journalists at first
develop the intellectual content of the campaign and then its visual
implementation. our aim is to conceive an art project that develops its
potentials through the inclusion of strategies from other areas, e.g.
advertising. initially, we would like to present the result of this work
in one of the large berlin stations - possibly on large flags. later on,
these works will find a wider audience in other locations and form. this
type of presentation reaches a far more diverse audience than any museum
or gallery exhibition. ten thousands of people are going through these
stations are confronted by the imagery of this campaign at these focal
points of public life. we also would like to place the work in the
stations as stations and trains are the places where racist violence often
happens and any opposing action should happen there as well. further
information on the campaign will be published on our web-site. a
photograph of racist graffiti can be viewed at


the people's project
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