Joshua Goldberg on 26 Sep 2000 04:01:38 -0000

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Re: <nettime> Water-shedding

It was a slightly tongue in cheek statement.  More than slightly.  Online,
nobody can hear you nuance.

I myself spend hours each day building virtual sandcastles.  I can't write
well, and I wish I could.

I am fully aware that the art I create is impermanent- far more so than
simple words.  I worry about the CD-ROM as an archival format; I hope he is
also keeping copies on paper.

I always forgive questions.   They beat flames any day. ;) <--please note
smiley denoting bemused forgiveness and ingratiating humor.



on 9/25/00 10:25 AM, Phil Graham at wrote:

> At 08:34 AM 25/09/00 -0400, Joshua Goldberg wrote:
>> "Anyone working as a digital artist is building castles made of sand."
>> -- Jaron Lanier.
>> I suppose Alan Sondheim can be forgiven for being mostly a writer.
> Why would a person need "forgiveness" for being a writer? Are you
> dispensing forgiveness to all us writers? Would you also forgive musicians
> too, since they are even more prehistoric than writers?

Josh Goldberg

"It's OK, my sheet's got a hole in it!"

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