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<nettime> S26 - VIRUTAL SIT IN - JOIN NOW!!

S26 =96 VIRUTAL SIT =96 IN  - JOIN NOW!!

You are cordially invited to participate in a street demonstration =
online, to bring a support (at least a moral one) S26 movement (September
26) of Prague. For their right to express himself against the vortex
ravaging=20 economies and populations around the planet. Please , come to
block=20 peacefully with your words the access to some websites connected
with = the World Bank... http://members.nbci.com/_XMCM/toyZtech/s26/

Download your Toy!! Join Now!!

:iDEFENSE iALERT: Cyber Activist Protest - S26


Cyber Activists Target IMF, World Bank With New Denial of Service Tool

iDEFENSE Intelligence Services

September 21, 2000

4:40 p.m. EST

The cyber activist group Federation of Random Action (FRA), along with
toyZtech, are organizing a cyber action in support of the S26 protests
scheduled to take place on Sept. 26, 2000 in Prague, Czech Republic. The
FRA will be unveiling a new cyber protest tool for the action that will
build on features found in the MayDayProtest tool, which was also used
against the Web sites of the IMF, World Bank and others during the first
week of May 2000.

The goals of the current action are to bring about "a change in the mode
of action of the globalization, to attain an organic globalization
respecting the people and the environment rather than in the current
globalization only used for enriching the richest at the expense of the 
poorest." According to the FRA's call to action, "Functioning is simple:

To slow down or block access to some Web sites close to the IMF and to The
World Bank, as a demonstration in the real world can block streets." The
FRA also listed as one of its demands, "Specifically for Internet, a
recognition of the right to demonstrate on the Web as a free expression
right by the authorities of international law."

The FRA has been a key actor behind a number of cyber actions, including
protests targeting Occidental Petroleum, Fidelity Investments, eToys, and
a number of others. The group is based in France and is one of the lead
groups in developing new cyber activist tools based off the FloodNet tool
originally created by Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT). While it
remains to be seen how much participation the current action will have,
the group does have the ability to rally wide support among the cyber
activist community.

In an interesting twist, the new tool being deployed for this action by
the FRA will allow protesters to chat with each other while attacking the
target sites. Due to the need for attackers to remain online for the
protest to be effective, this new feature is likely to increase the amount
and duration of participation by cyber activists, consequently increasing
the ability of the attack to negatively effect Web sites.

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