Carl Guderian on 26 Sep 2000 15:50:14 -0000

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Re: <nettime> Winning the peace

Let's assume Milosevic really leaves quietly, and doesn't install a
stooge. Will the Kostunica government have the energy to fend off the
Enrons and Bechtels who bankrupted Africa? Even the IMF and World Bank,
thanks a little to demonstrators, are realizing that costly but
prestigious development projects just add to debt. Maybe the big
development profiteers are hoping to find a few more suckers.

No doubt ANEM will move quickly to get rid of Milosevic's abusive telecom
and internet licensing policies, maybe even try to legalize pirate radio,
and create a confederation of independent media outlets. That could mean
allowing the various hate radio broadcasters on the air, but at least
you'd know what they were up to.

Is it possible to do something similar on the energy front? I know winter
is coming, but if there's any way to avoid getting tied down and ripped
off by one of Enron's patented "solutions," maybe Serbians should agitate
for it. (This would be a golden opportunity for Viridians to help another
country off the dirty fossil teat and save Serbia money in the long run).

Otpor, maybe under a different name, has plenty of work ahead of it. They
may have won the war, but they still have to win the peace. Have a beer,
get a good night's sleep, and then back to work.

Hey, is anybody going to light a victory bonfire in Mirko's nightclub?
When it's closed of course. Better yet, hijack a water cannon truck and
hose down the walls. As you can see, I despise dictators but despise their
brats even more.

Well, that's enough Monday (Tuesday) morning quarterbacking for today...

Forget Sting & Bono, how about Ninja Tune?

>Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 03:07:54 +0200
>From: Aleksandar Gubas <eurindie@sezampro.yu>
>>- Everybody will love Serbia, and the Serbs will be everybody's pets
>>like the Croats are now.


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