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<nettime> FW: A serious rumor

>>> I don't know the source of this but it' makes for interesting lunch
>>> conversation.  John
>>>>>> Subject:     A serious rumor
>>>>>>> I just heard a rumor from a good source. The Republican party is feeling
>>>>> that >> Cheney is a liability on the ticket.  There's a rumor that a few
>>>>> weeks prior >>to the election, in a desperate attempt to win, Cheney will
>>>>> resign because of a >> trumped-up heart problem or potential "threat
>>>>>to his
>>>>> health."  Then either >>John McCain or Colin Powell will be asked to
>>>>> come on
>>>>> the ticket and save the >>party.  This move is afoot in top circles,
>>>>>and to
>>>>> try to squelch it PLEASE send >>this letter to as many people as you can.
>>>>> If we get the rumor out on the >>internet, they won't be able to do their
>>>>> calculated move without repercussions.
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