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<nettime> publication request

 Kenji Siratori

I am infected and be do LOAD that I restrain and ill-treat....  in the
continent of the dog in a vital suspicion^explosion just before our BODY
the digital vampbrain of the hyper real language dismantlement ant that
controls the blood of perception 100% it inoculated the massacre of the
picture of a clone to the escape circuit of such the interior of the womb
that I translate-it is the gene help plan of 888SADO.  Do the daily
confusion of cyber larvas scribe!!  The fear below the sexual
telephony........cell that walks.

      process of evolution

It was reset by rebellion-alternative of the electricity mechanism of the
girl that the fly was jointed to the pure white record device of the
aerofoil that evolves to the sending mode of the cruelty that loves-it is a
vital instantaneous retort!!!!  Of the disillusionment dashes the middle of
a destructive lapse of crowds "Shadow Panther"-it is an
artificial depressing breeding city.
"As for the reality of me the synthesis, such every day of the meat of the absence of the dog are being repeated cruelly.  The murder
organ of the sun that was restrained the miserable nerve=larva of me to
artificial breeds rotates entrails emotional inhibition
be nude the noise that does not become serene vital sloppily so the plug of
the period=boy of the violence that was symbolized-become aware
incubates it....the bodies that I told to "the insanity of face-up me of a
pig emission are is the rebellion that becomes inside of
cheerful breeding....body OMOTYA of the abnormal=pattern, gravity of a
machine=angel.  The fear of [output] me that controls <<lapse of memory>>
that inputs to the strip Shaw of the artificial sun elaborately becomes an
ant.  A lonely machine DIGESTED....the melting area of the dog which the
body without the level of me contacts the brain universe the ganglion of the
digital narcissism was scrapped eternity parasitic on the hatred of the
nightmare larva nature of <the rule> the language tube in future body OMOTYA
of a homosexual-guy does inhale=blood and....#]\ZR[
V does....the living body for the derangement mechanism........seconds of
the animals did our suicide machine a mode a mimicry #]\ZR[
V causes the eyeball device [À] was restrained bounced from the inside as
if clones--replenishment.  Limitless lack.  The five senses of a temporizing
emotional rep... are trodden is a vital cleavage impossible noise
group.  Secrete it.
It is with the brain of 1, dog.
It does the fucks of 2,....
Being covered shit the language of that me is observed and it suspends and
insert was projected rebellion alternative of the brain of a dog like the
plug and....hearing of residual that joint to the humanistick junkies
salivary glands to gene=TV/
Heat quantity of the release/
Dyeing like the body line that was programed the with-raw' the vital code
suicide and @borg of the screen that fainted to the internal organ universe
of the rhinoceros bar dog it is parasitic on the speed of the cyber
prophet....gays, of the tunic city so XX XX VTR×XX vital
of contempt XX of a mimicry
The interior of the womb of the digital dog that gets deranged with the
surface of the sun it comes off <<the quack>> the nude picture chloroform
living body of clone boys shut down in the second of an
apoptosis and "the meat" that they respire....the hard disk of the
gram=murder that was sold the happiness of circulation---body OMOTYA that
should is to be rolled the fear that break down it....
The circuit of me.
As for "the pupil of me, our brain does the tears of the blood that forget
every existence to a barren screen LOAD....the game as ruin by chance that
the boys who the fear of the tear strip, murder of the body that
are congested degrade was replicated mental dismantlement with the zero=body
that was dropped the insanity of a chromosome emotional deletion merely the
plug-it does........consciousness scratch meat and the picture=boy] that
time bottom was done the screw nude small envy.  It is
without observing the end that converged.  Line of flows to
the joint body of the world that was expanded/the brain target of the
murder, dog of a mode null, I transfigure....calculate....I howl/ it is the
entrails emotional ultra reality script of the homosexual-guy that covered
the W-C circuit....sun like @borg.  It is covered blood and be her digital
rebellion alternative that did it a mimicry.  A vital accurate stool.  I
soak drug that fell well and design it the meat of the embryo.
An ANDROID infection.  The vagina regulation of me.  ....Equip such brain
that does a body LOAD into the one that is and touched.  Like the vital icon
that committed suicide/   the chloroform miracle of the world....the
reproduction that was turned the gimmick of the replicates it me
of to the massacre of the skin that decayed"--"the world" "meat and others"
who"" were scrapped ""the heart....


....Reality by the era respiration of the retina that was synthesized and
was do nude shameless vital rhythm the hitchhike..../the meat of earthworm
that murders a soul-machine is digested so XX it was existing during the
circuit of our skinhead.  I was excreting the future when it was inhabited.
"Meditation during...." like the murder limited express that operates=dash
to our internal organ consciousness....
"ANDROID of the butter visual hallucination that went bad"
Crab locus of mental that was disturbed/
....It is emotional the entrails that were reset!  Accelerating the brain of
the accomplice of the boy that drifts to the skin tissue of me it is
emotional the entrails that were reset....calculate the insanity of the self
dismantlement/ LEVEL0 of the human genome....miserable wild fancy that was
transmitted!  Complicatedly....the vital machinary ganglion the intention
that TOKAGE were programed, to the ovarium that was distorted perceives the
clumsy world of the mental dismantlement, temptation of random number as
body OMOTYA of our vital icon=form where is in the silly
sadist=continent of a dog.  It is emotional the entrails that were
reset............control drug I!  The malice of a machine.


....It is emotional the entrails that were reset!  The artificial sun that
differentiates our brain is done LOAD in the murder plane of a mere desire
mechanism and exist....the cruel device of, sleep they who beat! God of et
cetera it is the script.  Hearing organ of me was scrapped so--meat of
chaotic×"0 8 seconds...."

      descend a vital level

"The blue of the sky" thinking recorded the herd of the body
that was restrained by speed, to the pupil of the dog that was done the
murder of the mechanism....micro of the skin tissue that explodes the fuck
that raise the volume of the soul-machine that beat!  Me of secretary
cell....formation=of=I excrete it is the boy plug that was done a picture in
the nude!  ....

*....I excrete the passion of the channel/generative organ, cadaver of the
dog that do it to the murderous intention of a brain cell=form traveling in
disguise the speed of the fractal that began there from the meat crease of
masochist of road....I do and suck and invade the entrails emotion of the
function....surreal murder of the scream that degraded is
<number> and others!

'The existence/done storage of me.  Emotional the scrap entrails of the body
that float to the sex-rebellion of the device-it 'send back out' it' like
the machine that was judged 'this even from'

The thinking of the perversion of an artificial ant is is
the complicated system of the reptilian that was done a fuck a battle with
the gate of the medium=meat that does our dirty soul-machine interference
so.  I am tempted] the browser=angel that runs [the script of the artificial
sun to the skin sense of TOKAGE that was done a the rape thinking
of the silicone  cadaver of short cut....grief****of it does a living body a
junk--it is the depressing dissection of identification.  Immortality does
our gene strange to the digital waste material circuit....biotechnology less
we it scrapped the space of a scream-


....The body is jointed/ the body liquid murderous intention that rearranges
eyeball script....of the machine, you of fractal mutation to the insanity
medium of a chromosome the nerve that causes excited the mimicry that cuts
it various FUCK, cracks that did it


....The soul-machine of me does the blue of the sky crowds and fills to the
lost-drive circuit of while that is inserted be/ vital randomly a fuck with
the cadaver mechanism....I collect the insanity medium of the clone skin
that vomits the spiritual miracle of an ant alone the cyber style of a
desert---it does a channel.  The speed of the disillusionment.
God of the et=cetera that radiate heat!....the circuit the vagina that brain
cell/   dog was restrained in the continent where was disillusioned @borg of
me that does lost-drive with <<electron>> be the originality of the world
that does the vampbelow the ANDROID radix point that does
noise toward the possibility desire that desorb it.  Or the murderous
intention of the sole function....pituitaries of the mankind that was
supposed is respired necessitously/ the abnormal=love without the sun and
joint....base are replicated. I abandoned the war without a genome so//the
input of the death-body of me....a fuck" the data base of which is "the lie bunny-boy X this digital tragedy of emotional to synthesis Tyre it
does/sign!?  I am affected "the cadaver in drug our nude ultra density"
--The mental device that intermediate vital words without artificial imp was copied to the transfer rate of the raw warm blood that
beats the immortality, existence reason, awakening of which instigated" the
soul-machine of the gay is "no script!  "’[The vital
suspicion of an ADAM doll is incubated].

] The record of the sequence of meat.  An emotional block is
dismantled......material of I howl and the human being who it programs to be
angel, who it was transplanted in over inheriteds is BODY of the desert of the e-rebellion×drug embryo!! It
automatizes our soul-machine that brainwashing initial cadaver was
done a junk/ it simulates it/ I am sent this morning on charge of the strap
'the habitual use of the oxygen inhalation table tennis ball cleavage
impossible....@ of the artificial sun'....the body of the homosexual-guy of
a dog SLAVE....I am disillusioned like the cadaver in the thrill, drug of
planetary cruelty+swapping that do it so!  I am infected with the machinary
hatred of asphalt....we erase to be impossible sending--the phantasm of
chloroform!  ....
It sleeps the living body of a scream was output even to junkies that
asymmetric lonely/ emotional rep... changes in the reverse side in the
bizarre beat/ LOAD....month of heteromania to the labyrinth of worldly
desires machine À that scrambled tail of the fish that murders the
meaningless illusion that invades to the captive....screen of rape is recursive....@borg to artificial sun....suicide!
...."   "....It blasts it.  The eternal junkie....mean vital command who was
jointed to our machine is controlled-me that does the heat quantity of the
desire/   desert of a girl flash-under is jointed to the modest
self-punishment........more planetary target despair of enough lobotomy dogs
that excretes to the function of the storage that weakened.  Digital Curse
"the threat" of "love"
Fucker of the suicide that runs through!  Thinking impossible skin tissue of
me is distorted it is going underground the violent circuit of the during
artificial sun as if the dog of the vagina walks in the derangement
condition of an electron so-it it tempts of clone skin all of the machines
that awake small and crowd to <<copy>> with crimson body fluid--
  doing it so the consciousness of me was collecting the medicine material
future of a body

She into the pill form nightmare of me that the existence without a level is
congested as if the artificial sun drops every ostentation of the cadaver
deletion........the rule of the cruelty that turned the genome of a dog
awakes be intermediate fuck Tyre intensively and do traveling in disguise to
are the and the like of a kind of bug the regeneration of reality is negated
the entire surface (so....).
The vice of a body.  ....A body invades "a dog with resolution" of--it is
the program.  Consciousness.  The disillusionment.  The flood.  It is
absorbed to the is with our quiet neutral nightmare/   electron sleep.  Consecutively....the where we were
stored inputs or line that were the cruelty of a genome only, sleep
wandering only....the consciousness that lost our medium does rhythm dog of
to the brain that hung up and be the cut pill that is restrained roughly!
The X. second.  A picture was resolving the soul-machine of me....+....the
miracle that chloroform dashes to the volatility of the balloon=embryo.  It
was inhabiting.  ....

    right brain crime/
    the body of TOKAGE that harmonizes the parent....
    it pauses.
    depend on symbolic violence.

Dog of subliminal....

The end of a right and left asymmetric control.
Controlling the medium of grotesque, I howl....this <<joint>> that
weakened....the À-syndrome....mass of flesh of while that is vital so be so
that the absence of storage is programed.
It radiates
It is exposed to software

Kenji Siratori
biography:It is a birthplace in 1975.
At present, it is making Japan a position.
The propelling device of the next generation vision.
I am devoting the work to" reality that was risked by  symbolic violence".
current work: (*spark-online) (a Room without Walls by Ted
Warnell) (Tar Media Productions)

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