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<nettime> art and politics

>>the anti NATO protest by 'antiorp' during Kosovo war
>>(most compact example of this artist's radicality)
>Yes, how very radical of them to support the 'ethnic cleansing' of the
>Kosovars. I'm sure that Slobo and Mira were very grateful for their
>artistic intervention. What next: a cool 'n' trendy website for the French
>National Front or the German neo-nazis?!



Because nettime-bold had a bad time again the last few weeks, I did not
get any mails from nettime for a while. Hence my late reaction to Richard
Barbrooks 'funny' remark quoted above.

Eventhough I agree that most of the artworld has neglected the social and
political aspects of the making and reception of art for a long time (and
this of course still happens), I find the tendency in certain European
media scenes to look at art from an ideological point of view very
dangerous. The quote above suggests antiorp supported the ethnic cleansing
of the Kosovars. That is pure 'bartalk', talk for over a few beers, in my
opinion. Artists have often reacted to blunt military action from
superpowers without taking sides. I find it totally inappropriate to look
at such work as if it represents political action, and to judge it as
such. It is criticism at the most, or an addition or initiative to/for a
discussion. That does not mean of course it is not valuable or that it
should not be taken seriously. Art is a difficult but stimulating part of
society. Without it there is no life as far as I see it, only vegetating.

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