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<nettime> The FreakNet MediaLab

The FreakNet MediaLab denounces the serious intimidations that the 
italian postal police, on September 29th 2000, against the participants 
to the netstrike of September 28, 2000

During the netstrike more than 1 hundred persons were connected for 3 
hours to the webserver of the town council of the city of Milano to 
protest against the hard attitude of the council towards the sub-culture 
movements, an attitude that has brought on the violent removal of
local squats  andt he selfmanaged hostel METROPOLIX - which was shut 
down by the police the 17th of september 2000.

On the 29th of september, the day after the netstrike, the postal police 
arbitrarily came to the work places of some of the participants and it has 
picked up information about the private life of these people. Someone has 
also been forced to revoke the registration from the mailing-list 
hackmeeting@kyuzz.org, fundamental list of discussion and organization of 
individuals and groups that operate for the rights of the electronic frontier.

We are expecting measures to be taken by magistracy against these
public officials that operate in the total contempt of the rules. If the 
magistracy will not intervene, we wish that a serious form of dissent
strikes against those who abuse of his/her/its own power. It is clear 
that hacktivist will always know how to react. 

FreakNet MediaLab http://www.kyuzz.org/freaknet

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