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<nettime> WXAR

....Cancel the program of the soft cruel XX requiem XX escape of the
intermediate area/ ADAM doll of our clumsy murder machine/the artificial
sun!  The horizon of a chromosome toward/   it dashes it foolish dog of
lobotomy murder of instantaneous, it is the air of the blue
sky.  The fuck of the cold-blooded disease of over there ANDROID of the
artificial insemination that drive absence/ placenta world central
processing unit gets deranged!!  It was gathered XX by the deoxyribonucleic
acid channel of a paradise--it is the voice.  Going after the skizographic
locus of me it crashes....the escape impossible soul-machines of clone boys

Margin of the ruin of clone boys
"Our sun inheriteds....our storage I disguise to the over there of is freeze.
Existence difficult memory of the clone boys that the soul-machine of the
zero in the future that the machine area/the artificial sun of a
cold-blooded disease was scrapped the apoptosis of the murder....ADAM
doll....cyber of the fabrication that was reset do LOAD........the body
digital vamp-s of the love-rep...s that was turned hyper be real death of
instantaneous, gimmick girl of who it was done body E muddy machine=angel of
the over there junction ant of the pupil who becomes unknown howls
Tragedy of a clone
Chromosome does our ugly love suck=blood
    Out side=lobotomy!
....The instant when death was chopped up
It freezes--

Monochrome-horizon of a chromosome........
It operates]
Dash medium of insanity
""The instant of the miracle/ death of this world when a dog erases does the
Big Bang....the cold chromosome of the sexual end machine, her of a blue
beat....gimmick girl do is artificial sun........pill form
insanity/nano dive!  NIHIL of the desert that the cells of me evolved   /be
raped to the central processing unit of the angel mechanism that despairs.
1/it is parasitic on the murderous intention for 8
seconds....body=OMOTYA....nano of an ADAM doll-

Replication q of ZEN
It comes insanity  and
!  <The second> of murder memory--joint nerve fuck war ADAM doll when "the
fear" of our soft desire-machine line deoxyribonucleic acid channel was
mapped to the blue of the y sky that is sped up degrades.... It
inheriteds/love NIHIL of the gimmick girl that was is the
hyper real brain universe/ control external machine seeds of the
transplantation stage/ XNDROID of the artificial sun like ANDROID that
explode and ruin the clonical.  Chromosome of  grief=howled!  The
lobotomy/inplode that the body=OMOTYA cyber dog of the cyber space cadaver
mechanism of the drug embryo which it was input inherited the parasitism of
crime!  Our nerve links it to the speed of the desire that
mutated........the murder filter of a machine=angel....our
storage....interactive fabrication device that was dropped does the digital
vamp! God of the et cetera that exploded an orange and the absent-minded
eternity of an ADAM doll begins to resuscitate....
The speed//future of the hyper real cadaver city vision desire when the
deoxyribonucleic acid channel that the herd clone boys of the gene of the
murderous intention cold-blooded disease of the artificial sun who it was
processed the slow-motion love/   mask of a gimmick girl got deranged
hardened the miracle to the ruin that descend cancels the beat of the vacant
murder circuit/ memory of the ADAM doll that was is a cold
chromosome!  The virtual soul-machine-war that does the sensor device of
ANDROID-junk!?  It patrols the nerve lobotomy candy........disappear=point
of TOKAGE that is the cy-orange.  The thyroid that the drug
embryo dampened.

It perishes
....The medium insanity of clone boys ferment and the organ that a
machine=angel lacked our rape--storage y inside of the filter=asphalt of
the love where it does molding does scribe that converges//the chloroform
quickening of a inoculates
it....floatation LOAD of the nightmare/   ....artificial intelligence of the
amniotic fluid mechanism]
The computer=house where the mode that the sympathy/mode of the roentgen
equivalent physical-LOVE' miracle that the brain of a/the clone boy invades
the speed of an ADAM doll mutate explode....the wolf=space that
inheriteds*the fear of the ANDROID line asphalt that proliferates does
smuggling........our infinite obsession//.  Nerve....transy that was turned
intensity!!  Requiem-0////
          Off war of a machine=angel
It does y saint to=be insanity PIL....extension that incubates <the second>
of impregnation of the world....nanomicro cyber mechanism of the emotional
zero of the zero when does overheat....our are storage that the massacre
hyper real existence line machinary=murder of the sun like soul-machine
ANDROID of fear was made desire does murderous SEX of LINK machine=angel
desire..the memory of the brain fertilization machine=angel of an artificial
ant explodes....
  It is the back earnest done sun/impregnation that our pupil is congested
the brain universe of the milligram  dog of our murderous intention to the
rhinoceros bar puncture-beat of the gene form nihilism gimmick girl that the
fantastic asphalt of the miracle ADAM doll that the artificial sun that
hangs up weakened do underground!  It links it to the body of an ant
so....the reproduction function/ terror wolf=space of clone boys/ it was
input-a null deoxyribonucleic acid channel channel channel channel murder
mechanism of "lonely".
The fear heat quantity/ ultra=scribe that reached the red=zone of
CyberBuddha!    Artificial storage-accumulation area CHAOS of clone

Time when does run=confusion of the murderous intention....ADAM doll from
inside of an opposite=paradise y chromosome

<<Memory shut down...."the eternity" of miracle....grief that did it our
inplosion is erased....a gel form soul-machine is made goes to
war the gene of an angel does LOAD/in the right brain area
of the murder medium....<<requiem-0>> that solves our cold-blooded
disease=molecule and release
<<Death of which does our run=confusion instantaneously>>
<<Storage of the dream....murder that exploded orange changes to desire>>
the miracle of change r 1/8....
  ADAM doll....
The gene war that we were sped up.
Sharp -ization of ZEN

I mock it....the vision of the chromosome that the FUCKNAM=TV visions of
joint impossible, artificial sun clone boys decays nanotopia of a nightmare
drive machine=angel be the digital vamp=world of techno pop-catastroph where
emulates our machinary=despair!  R

          Machine=angel of


    The sun that the end organization/ we who clone boys recover was
controlled does the ANDROID=eternity of a soul-machine fuck!
Like the cadaver that went cetera=God that, controls the sky blue
of the suck=blood chromosome=girl/garden. and was parasitic! the murder
memory of ="
    The artificial sun is does the grief=body of the
incubation season machine=angel of the clone boy that loops it LOAD toward
the asphalt that our crash future system y body fluid of an ADAM doll was
distorted is the storage and others....hyper real head line+murder
area everything organ to convergence Tyre miracles of the deserts=the
suspected life of the artificial sun that was controlled!
We the murder memory of the horizon AXXX doll of the chromosome that a dirty
prayer is dismantled is the program recollection that the
intoxication drug embryo of cold-blooded disease R comes to collapse
physically the skizo.  Before it disappears XXXX

  Beat....machine=angels of the lies of clone boys mature desire accelerates
it and....ADAM doll of monochrome that inoculate it the murderous notch
circuit of the cold-blooded disease animals that is parasitic "eternally"
[1/8  1/our 8 of insanity blue desire of the virus chromosome of the death
that murder our memory like the artificial sun beat........................(

I hate it....the speed desert of the desire of the machine=angel where
digital stimulates the brain cell of our MAX nerve suspected vital it is visionix gene=TV that the aerofoil that the body
system/our   deep blue sun that the artificial ant that the grief brown spot
of the zero=future chromosome of the ADAM doll that walks do fuck started to
get deranged do the artificial melody soul-machine of the bottom that be mad
junk grew the top of murderous asphalt!  Our insanity our life our-eternal
her........0880 soul-machines that machine-makes visual the protoplasm of
desire the nano-machinary-intoxication of the control done artificial
sun/SITE*u*FEAR--that the terror happiness of the she=vagina records our
ADAM doll=gimmick paradise]] so/of the murder=brain of the hybrid planetary
asphalt of the ant that collides be hyper=realism.  <<The opening>> the mega
that does the digital vamp=' the mixture of the sun that was mixed the
murder=city where it was input s....the medium of the brain of the null
miracle........clone boys that simulates an ADAM doll swaps the emotional
cold-blooded disease animals of the desert which were raped by the
wolf=space....self-containing mask that dashes is the sky-world of
the suck=blood chromosome.  Brain universe of ANDROID of reproduction brain
to breakdown Tyre is stimulated--
................To the grammatologic that our junk machines brain of a gene
war record the aerofoil of ruin the insanity machine=angel of 32bit who
dismantles <the horizon of the pantheon> the grief brown spot=hologram of
the desire area virtual-distractivexxx-chromosome that quiesced the
murderous aperture requiem-A of the XX solitude that invades
While it is vital our planetary medium so=it is syndrome!
Insanity of asphalt proliferates....homosexual sexual truth:....Clone boys
of who evolve at random derangement net Z of the suck=blood chromosome that
does the lonely memory of the different=world LOAD........The brain of the
SEX mechanism of the horizon drug embryo of the body=OMOTYA functional
murder that the artificial sun that our death input nano-city soul-machines
in 1/8 seconds erodes the machinary-rotation layer of the genome+vision
biotechnology=less season=body deoxyribonucleic acid channel that does the
devil"" of life noise reverse children y of 11 people of murderous
intention 0880 cursed nervous system who weakened crashes....
Like a mature ant//

We the ADAM doll that broke
  Fear noise
    It receives it
  Miracle that was distorted
  TV-Soviet nick nightmare of ANDROID
'The saint-insanity nano machine=brainwashing city--chloroform gear is
.  In the over there of heavy noisy split piece letter sleep "
Soul-machine....death of it joints is the masochistic
chromosome=group of a millennium vital....clone boy....resolution
region....ADAM doll!  ....Our requiem-0....sun escapes/our artificial sun of
murder-code to cancellation--colorless blood the channel transformation that
invades the lonely love of a machine=angel deoxyribonucleic acid

I grieve over we or lobotomy/ it does suck=blood........
The cruel technology of a chromosome!  The brain cell that was done drive of
clone boys stimulates it....the sex speed of the topology=hatred gimmick
girl of the reverse....soul-machine commits suicide artificially the nano
machine of the physical ant that decays!  It does the MHz....null storage of
cold-blooded disease animals infinitely/

 into the lonely pupil of the ADAM doll that the brain of gimmick of ANDROID was filed and was shut down professional nervous
temperament machines y of you that do dive I feel the suspected life of the
artificial sun the miracle that erodes it....of ant it does machine XX to be
parasitic and be lose so.  Hyper real the placenta world holograms of 1/8
palpitation milli units of the indefinite murder artery/ drug embryos----it
is the insanity medium head slider that dashes it!  The motorcycle central
processing unit that our brain ruins so!!  It does RAVE to the dawn
machinary-quickening of the murder that does the artificial sun fuck.
ANDROID.  I pray the body that does the OUTPUT =horizon junk........the
artificial conception grief brown spot of the nano machine does LOAD..../

And the chromosome that our emotion hung up inside the memory of a
machine=angel the terror happy........grief brown spot that ADAM doll was
risked the insanity activity target=wolf=space that was transcended the
cold-blooded disease animals this clumsy=world control-external murder
brains that inheriteds like a complicated fruit....
          Our grief explodes....
Replication p of ZEN

....The cruel play of the synapse that was expanded the soft central
processing unit that was done LOAD like the dead person made of
rubber....our murder body that was done the memory of a machine=angel be the
cut end that does it 'the desire of an ADAM doll!?  Transformers of the
monochrome artificial sun that the hatred of the chromosome rapes!
Murderous intention infinite dog of the asphalt which our insanity

copyright  2000 by Kenji Siratori

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