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[now just when everyone is basking in the reflected olympic glory and veneer
of reconciliation, the idiot rednecks we have as politicians open their mouths.
can one of you from another country organise to invade us? thanks.]

MP claims Aborigines prefer hunting to education 

A National Party MP says one of the reasons for Aboriginal disadvantage is that
indigenous people are not inclined towards education.

Coalition backbenchers are supporting the Reconciliation Minister Philip
Ruddock, who is under attack for comments he made to two international

Mr Ruddock told The Washington Post, as well as Le Monde, a reason for
disadvantage is Aborigines only recently came into contact with developed

National Party backbencher Ian Causley says a lack of education is another
reason for Aboriginal disadvantage.

"Even though governments over the years have tried very, very hard to give them
a good education, it's not their inclination," he said.

"It's very difficult to keep Aboriginal children at school once they get to a
teenage. It's not their thing I guess, they tend to go out and do their own
hunting things, they're not inclined to education."


The Federal Liberal Member for Kalgoorlie in south central Western Australia,
Barry Haase, says the poor living standards of Aborigines are measured by
innappropriate standards.

Mr Haase says he supports Mr Ruddock to the hilt and it is accidental that
indigenous living standards are poor.

"I don't believe there is any real attempt by the majority of indigenous people
in Australia to become part of Western society, there is no desire to be
Westernised, so to speak," he said.


Mr Causley's claims have been ridiculed by a senior official in Aboriginal

Charles Davison the president of the State and Federal Government funded
Aboriginal Education Consultative Group says he is appalled by Mr Causley's

"We know that there are a whole range of issues why kids are not staying on at
school and it's certainly not in his terms of better things to do such as
hunting and things like that," he said.

"Now you know that's totally outrageous - there are some social issues that
prevent Aboriginal kids from staying on at school." 

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